2014 South Florida Gathering (November 7-9)

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What would you prefer for our Cold Smoking & Dehydrating Project?

  • Snack Sticks and lots of them!

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  • Enough Snack Sticks for everyone to take a little home as well as Beef Jerky and Cheese

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  • Beef Jerky and Cheese only

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  • I dont really care for participating in this type of project

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My vacation is approved.. I'll be reserving a spot here in a few weeks. I'll be pulling in on wed and probably leave tues. See ya there
This sounds like a good time. I'll have to get with the wife and see if she wants to get away in November. It's such a busy month. My wife's family has 3 birthdays that month.
Nick... It's a blast.. the more the merrier (as they always say) ... As I said in other post's... The campground is full by the time the gathering gets here (Nov.) ... We had people last year that decided they wanted to come at the last minute and they're were no sites available in the whole campground.. let alone a site by the group ... so it is recommended to make reservations early ... where would ya be coming from ?

here's a few pictures from previous years If you haven't seen em yet....

2013 ... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/152174/2013-smf-south-florida-gathering-picture-thread

2012 ... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/121142/2nd-annual-south-florida-gathering-nov-9th-11th/200

2011 ... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/112802/south-florida-gathering-picture-thread
Hey Nick! We'd love to have you and the family come over! As Keith said its a really fun time!
Sorry. I thought it was north.
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Besides the fact I'm an idiot and can't tell north from south, those of you questioning whether or not to go. YOU NEED TO GO! You get a bunch of people with a common interest and sit around and drink and eat and BS and then you see the things you don't have in common and learn and embrace them and make a bunch of new friends have one of the best weekend ever. We just had ours and that's what happened.
I think Alelover had a little to much of the Ale last night;)  LOL jk.

It really is a good time for anyone not sure if they wanna come or not!
The amount that make you mistake north from south LOL! I cant speak though, i threw quite a few back last night as well and had a bonfire after yard work solo haha
ok y'all... If your planning to attend and haven't made reservations yet... I suggest you do so right away... this place always books up full on these dates...
Just heard my job is going to12 hr shift 24/7 coverage so after 3 years of working weekends I will get a 3 day weekend every other week...... YEAH...........!!!!!!

They haven figured out the schedule but were still good. I have time approved for the weekend of the 7-9
Hey Joe what day are you planning to come down this time? Maybe i'll take another day off and come chill with ya early
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