1st Time Smokin -- Baby Back Ribs

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Original poster
Jan 6, 2007
San Clemente, California
I have grilled for 20 years. As I live in California - I grill 3-4 times per week. I just got a new grill with a smoker and I am trying to smoke Baby Back ribs tomorrow. I am trying to modify the 3-2-1 Spare Ribs recipe for Baby Backs and the current plan is for 2-1-1 with the lighter Baby Backs.

I am using Jack Daniel's Oak Chips for the smoke on a DCS gass grill. I am going to try to keep the heat at 210-220 degrees. I will splash a bit of Apple Cider on the ribs during the second (or foiled) phase. I have been warned by Chad to check the ribs during the foil phase after 30 minutes to ensure they are not over done.

Any and all other tips will be appreciated as I want to get my wife hooked on smoking. She loves my grilling and rotisserie recipes. I lived in Austin for 5 years and prefer smoked meat. With your help I can win her over to the thin blue smoke!

PS I will bribe y'all with my grilled Tri-tip recipe for any help I can get on my first effort at smoked meat! Thanks in adavnce!!!
I like to spray my babies with a 3-1 mix of apple juice and bourbon during the first segment of cooking. I also put some of that mix in the foil pouch during the second segment.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Straycat I dont see why that method wouldnt work just fine. I do agree with chad on the foil though I thought mine were to soft but the last hr pulled them back together again. I like them to be juicy but have a little chewy texture also but thats just me. Any way good luck and lets see some pics.
I did baby backs on New Years Day. They ended up going 2.5-2-1. I had one slab that probably should have cooked a little longer, so I put it to the side for leftovers. The family was here and ready to eat. The others turned out beautiful. This time I used straight pecan. I rubbed the night before, then sprinkled a little more on just before hitting the racks. I sprayed with apple juice a few times during the first portion of the cook. I then brushed them very lightly with sauce and double wrapped them in foil for the next part. Keep an eye on them for the last part. Pull them when they get firmed back up.

BB's will usually take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours for the first part of the smoke. When the meat starts to pull back from the bone they are ready to wrap. I have found that sometimes BB's don't like to pull back. They will start getting too dark before pulling back. If that happens just wrap them and cook them a little longer in the second part.

I got 'em on. The Que has been steady at 220 for an hour. I got a very light smoke going pretty steady for the last hour using Oak. While I don't have a camera that is working, I will keep you up to date.

This is going to fun because of all of your support. Thanks for the advice.

Straycat...remember you can hit the chat while your smokin if you have any other questions.
I thought you were gonna keep us in the loop Straycat! Whats going on out there? I know, you ain't got the rib juice licked of your fingers yet and don't wanna mess up the keyboard. :razz:
The ribs turned out awesome. Adding Jack Daniel's to the apple juice was an inspirational idea. I made way too many ribs so I would have left overs, but my neighbor's smelled the smoke and stopped by for snacks. Looks like we have a new staple to add to our diets.

Thanks for all the help/advice!

Smokin' in San Clemente!
Glad to hear it! It makes it really fun when they turn out just like you want them to.

I've been waffling on getting some Jack Daniels chips for a while and when I decided to buy them, they were sold out. I can't wait to give it a try.
Glad to hear everything went well for you Straycat! You researched it hard and put alot of thought into it, you deserved a good smoke.

Well done! Now we gotta work on this picture thing. ;)
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