Baby Back epic failure.

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While you're at it, re-verify your grate temps with a calibrated thermometer so you know for sure what you're smoking at.
I wondering about the actual cooker temp too…

I run BB’s at 250 for 5-6 hours no wrap, no spritz, just rub and smoke. Take them to 195-200 by insta thermometer and done. Never had a dry batch.
I smoked two baby back ribs today on my stick burner. Had a hard time controlling temperature cause the wind was blowing at 25 to 30MPH
Had them on post oak & mesquite coals 4:45 minutes at 250 degrees. Got tired of the wind and wrapped and finishing in the oven. The ribs are very moist. I think the moisture issues could be depending on the plant the ribs are from.


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Another problem I've had with wrapping bbybk's is that after two hours unwrapped at 225 and one wrapped, the internal temp will be right at 200 and they will be tender and ready to come off EXECPT that the bark has melted due to the steam treatment in the foil.
No problem right, but after 15 minutes unwrapped to set the sauce, the moisture venting from the steamed meat will evaporate off and the internal temp will drop down to 170 by the time the sauce has begun to set up.
My conclusion is that the time it takes to set the bark again will quiclkly dry out the meat and if you continue to rely on internal temp they will cook to dry as a bone before the temp rises back to the ideal 204 area.
I'm thinking of opening the foil just enough to do the final saucing and then get them the heck out of the smoker as soon as the sauce sets enough to handle them to prevent overcooking,
I've never wrapped my ribs....ever....take a little longer....but so good...great bark and bbq sauce sets quick.
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