The First Rack Is On!

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Chief 7

Original poster
Feb 28, 2024
The first rack of baby backs is on the WSM - I think I used too much charcoal and had too much in the chimney, but what I have read from all of you is that this is a learning process. And, if every other smoke is like getting the first one up and going, it is also a cardio exercise event for this old firefighter!
Good luck! Once you figure out the WSM it’s almost as set and forget as a pellet or electric smoker. You got a good one
My wife and I did a pretty good job of finishing off a whole rack of Baby Backs. They had a good finish on them a great smoke flavor (I used apple wood only with too much charcoal. I used a modified Minion method but WAY too much charcoal in the chimney. The temp never got above 320 before I got it down to 300+/- a dredger or two as it fluctuated. We used the 3-2-1 method but the 1 was more of 1/4 - just enough to get the BBQ sauce nicely planted. And, as for the end result - let's just say that it was a lot better than my first rack of ribs on the Pit Boss! It had a great smoke flavor. I spritzed it Apple Juice / water every hour. But I will need to learn to modify the 3-2-1 thing when the temps are so high - at least, that's how I am thinking through this now. My wife actually enjoyed them, so I guess it wasn't all lost. Now comes the hard part - I have to clean this all up!
Sounds like it all worked out,
It is all a learning curve until its not then its called experimenting , have fun.

I just picked up a 14" mini in the fall, and used a couple times , I am loving it also.

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Good luck.... You'll be fine.

I cook a lot on a WSM. Consider adding a DigiQ to that puppy down the road... Makes life a little easier.
Agreed! I used a 14” WMS for years and you will learn a lot about smokin meats.

I added a PARTYQ which I dont think they make anymore, but the DigiQ is the same thing. Will make it so easy!
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