tri tip

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  1. babydoc

    Tri Tip

    Wednesday Tri-Tip? I think yes!
  2. SmokinAl

    PRIME Tri tip, reverse sear

    Here is what I started with. We liked the marinade we put on the skirt steak we had last week, so I just made the same for the TT. I just eyeballed the ingredients, no measuring. Into the vacuum canister for an overnight nap in the fridge. Into the Rec Tec set at 215 I also put a little...
  3. gmc2003

    Tri Tip Kettle Style

    Ok, so let me start out by saying. 37 years ago today I tied the knot for the first and only time. I'm not quite sure how my better half has put up with me for so long, but she did and I'm eternally grateful. My wife loves a good steak and I got lucky at the local grocers the other day and...
  4. N

    Tri Tip smoked on a grill

    I have not been able to smoke for a very long time. My smoker is disassembled and I can't put it together at the moment. I bought a GMG Ledge, it is sitting on my patio, one leg cannot be attached and I am sitting here waiting for a response from GMG. The body is bent and the bolt holes on...
  5. gmc2003

    Let's Tri-Tip this again.

    I tried to post this last night, but my computer kept freezing up. Maybe it was a sign of things to come. On to the thread. While browsing the local grocers' weekly flyers yesterday. I noticed one of them had tri-tip steaks advertised. So, I said to myself - self you need to go check this...
  6. N

    Third tri tip attempt

    My youngest son came to dinner last night so I had the opportunity to smoke a prime tri tip. I Seasoned with SPG and let it sit uncovered in the garage refrigerator for about 3 hours. The initial IT was 40° and I pulled it at 130° . I haven't figured out how to control the smoke at higher...
  7. Brokenhandle

    My 1st Tri tip!

    Well I went and done it ... finally found a tri tip to smoke! Meat locker 40 miles away had untrimmed tri tip for $7.99 lb. Not the cheapest but I didn't care, after seeing so many on here I was gonna do it. Trimmed it up and dry brined it with kosher salt for an hour or two. Then added some of...
  8. Therealtrome

    Reverse sear tri-tip on the Traeger and Weber kettle

    First tri-tip on the T! Came out amazing... Took about 2 hours at 225 with Traeger signature pellets. Let it rest for 10 or 15 minutes while the jumbo lump was getting red hot on the Weber kettle. Reverse seared for five minutes of side then let rest for another 10 or 15 minutes and came out...
  9. bmudd14474

    Review of beef from

    Porter Road. Im sure you have heard that name before because of the specials they have offered on SMF in the past few months and the review that @TulsaJeff did on their product. They had also sent me a box of meats to sample. Now I have had the box for several months. I decided to try some of...
  10. SmokinAl

    OK TRI TIP WANNA be is DONE! (part 2)

    Here is the first thread that I started when I got this piece of meat & was asking for help identifying it. Well I have to say it turned out much better than expected. I thought it may end up as turtle food. But...
  11. S

    Stuffed bells

    Stuffed bells with fresh bolognese sauce. Meat sauce and bells had the same grind, 50% tri-tip, 30% pork country ribs, 20% sirloin. Sauce made earlier this week for a lasagna, leftover sauce gets better with time anyway. I'll add a bonus shot of the lasagna. Bells cut in half and stuffed with...
  12. C

    Best Transport Methods Smoked Tri-tip

    Hey all! We are going to some friends' house for dinner who don't have a BBQ or smoker and we are hoping to bring a smoked tri tip. I'm wondering what the best method would be though... Ideally, for obvious reasons, I don't want to bring the tri tip + smoker + cook at their house for 2-3 hours...
  13. xray

    A busy week smoking (pic heavy)

    I was off work the week before Memorial Day. I haven’t smoked a lot lately due to the lousy PA weather we seem to have the smoking bug built up inside of me. Well, the weather was fine and I scratched that itch! I ended up smoking a few things, so let’s cut to the chase. Chuck...
  14. Preacher Man

    Tri-Tip Reverse Seared

    Started with an almost 3 lbs trimmed Tri-Tip from Albertson's. After a nice rinse and pat dry, I seasoned it with some of Wild Bill's rub. Wild Bill isn't a commercial rub, he's just the guy that everyone wishes to have as a friend. He's an older retired man who slays elk and slams fish by...
  15. Preacher Man

    Tri Tip Korean Bulgogi Tacos

    I got this bulgogi recipe from a 7th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt master who got it from a Korean lady that he stayed with while training with a Grand Master in Korea. It's awesome. The way he usually cooks it is to get chuck cut really thin, marinate overnight, then grill it hot and slap it...
  16. KrisUpInSmoke

    Which beef cut for hot roast beef?

    Hey y'all! I've got some family visiting tomorrow. I'd like to make an herb crusted roast beef that can be hand sliced (pour juices back over) and served hot with horseradish cream sauce. I'd like to serve it medium to medium-rare so I'm planning to smoke at 225℉, weather permitting, for nice...
  17. WaterRat

    Tri-tip done brisket style

    Hey All, The local grocery store had tri-tip on sale this week for $4.99. Hardly a steal but better than usual - if they have it at all. I went to the meat case and found only cut up packs so I went over and asked the butcher if he had them whole, which he did, and kindly provided. I've only...
  18. Braz

    Tri Tip Sous Vide Pastrami

    We rarely see Tri Tip around here but a few weeks ago Aldi had pre packaged, seasoned Tri Tips on sale so I picked one up not knowing exactly what to do with it. Meathead's website has a recipe for sous vide brisket pastrami that interested me so I decided to give a variation of it a try using...
  19. M

    smoked tri tip just like brisket

    Let me start with why, on occasion, i smoke tri tip like a brisket instead of just smoking a brisket. I know tri tip is not easily found in most parts, but here in Southern California you can pick it up at just about any grocery store. Brisket is more difficult to find (but getting easier)...
  20. yortchko

    Living it up in Chandler, Az!! I'm Mr. Dad!

    I'm smoking a 6.25 lb Bone-in Pork Butt @225-230 for 12hours?? Should I grill the Tri-Tips or smoke them??