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summer sausage

  1. thirdeye

    Summer Sausage Conflicting Recipes Using Tender Quick

    My neighbor is planning on making Summer Sausage with some of last years elk and venison. I know too well about the trustworthiness of some online sites, but we're seeing an odd trend repeat itself when it comes to amounts of Tender Quick (he prefers TQ to Cure #1). Many recipes call for 1...
  2. hoity toit

    Aloha El Diablo Summer Sausage 2020

    It has been a couple years since I made this specialty but I got a nice deer this past week and thought I would make it again. What we are doing is 20 pounds of venison & pork 60%ven 40%pork. To this grind several times reducing the plate size on the grinder until I get to 1/8" plate. By then...
  3. A

    Help! Can I salvage my summer sausage?

    Help please! We made our first batch of jalapeño cheddar summer sausage. We use high temp cheese, used pork fat, and had a good fill in all of our casings. When we initially smoked, the temp didn’t get as high as we wanted, it was only about 140. We upped the temp to 200 (that’s the temp we used...
  4. R

    what's fatting out?

    Ok I give up. Even Google can't tell me what "fatting out" means. I need to know so I can worry about it appropriately. I'm a newby and smoking my first 15lbs of summer sausage today. Using an Analog smoker and having a heck of a time trying to keep the temp at the recommended temps. Looks...
  5. ebbtide3673

    Summer Sausage Food Safety Question

    Hello! I'm fairly new to sausage making and making a 25# batch of Venison Summer Sausage. While making, I mixed the spices in cure into 1/2 the batch, then loaded into the stuffer, stuffed in casings and returned to fridge I then took the 2nd half of the batch of the fridge to repeat the same...
  6. Jkoenning87

    Summer sausage gone bad

    So I made my first ever batch of summer sausage with a proven good recipe from a friend of mine. The only thing I changed was instead of using liquid smoke I decided to smoke it myself. Minus a 15 min window where the temps jumped to 250 degrees, the smoking went well. Kept it between 190-210...
  7. hoity toit

    Antelope Summer Sausage via DISCO

    OFM Disco got me on this. I am making some antelope summer sausage using some of Disco's simple basic recipe however this one will be Apple Bleu Cheese Summer Sausage. Full pictures and step by steps to be posted as it happens, Stay Tuned. Hope to have this 100% finished Sunday or Monday. Thank...
  8. abetheham

    2019 Venison Summer Sausage

    On Friday, I mixed and stuffed 50 lbs of venison summer sausage with jalapeños, cheddar, and habanero cheese. Also did a 25 lbs plain batch for my wife and kids since they don’t like spice. I get my seasoning from a local butcher shop and for the spicy batch, I add minced garlic, cayenne...
  9. smokenharley

    Summer Sausage - Vension & Cheese

    Time for some summer sausage. Maybe it would be more appropriately called Winter or Spring sausage given the time of the year. I haven't made this in a few years so with my venison party coming up in about a month I thought I would make a ten pound batch. Here is the mix with added high temp...
  10. disco

    OFG Summer Sausage, Step by Step and Video

    I was out of Summer Sausage and was making a batch. I decided to do a video on the smoke. I started with 500 grams (1.1 pound) of lean ground beef (you can use any game you like) and 500 grams (1.1 pound) of cubed pork shoulder. I put them in the freezer for about 1 1/2 hours to freeze the...
  11. fajitapot

    Summer Sausage Definition

    Hello all, browsing and searching through the forum here (I'm a newbie, though experienced professionally) I noticed that many of the Summer Sausage recipes I see posted here don't include cultures at all. Those that buy pre-blended spice mixes probably have it included already (I suspect). Now...
  12. chopsaw

    Owens Summer Sausage

    Made some summer sausage using the Owens mix . Came out fantastic . They really have some great seasonings . I used a 4 1/2 lb. beef chuck roast that I ground and added 1 lb of ground pork that I had to buy ( $5.49 lb ouch ) . Don't hurt so bad when you support a local meat cutter ...
  13. R

    Fermenting summer sausage

    hi so I am new to fermenting sausage and have never tried to do it before. I was reading a recipe a while back for tangy summer sausage and mentioned it needed to ferment. I was just curious as to what is the process to ferment summer sausage. I’m not new to making sausage because I am a head...
  14. disco

    OFG Summer Sausage

    I have had trouble making a summer sausage that I like since I started smoking. Don't get me wrong, all the spice mixes and recipes I tried made good summer sausage but it isn't what I remembered from when I was a kid. So, I have been experimenting for a couple of years to get what I remember...
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