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short ribs

  1. splendorlex

    Wagyu Short Rib on SmokeFire EX4 - Should I do a liquid/braise step?

    Hey all-- I was shopping for a pork butt for Mother's Day, and I saw my store had some Wagyu Short Ribs. I decided to pick them up and give them a shot. Now I have cooked beef short ribs, but only once. My intention is to hit em with my Kosmos SPG, throw em on my SmokeFire at 250 and see what...
  2. thirdeye

    Birria Questacos With Consomé ~ A Special Kind of Street Taco

    I chose short ribs for the meat on this batch, but they can be made with about any whole muscle meat. Because of the technique a higher fat meat works much better. And, because they are so filling, two per person is plenty. Or one beef and one cheese one. The sauce (aka Consomé ) is made...
  3. R

    Beef Ribs. Type?

    For the Texas BBQ enthusiasts (and butchers) out there,hoping for some help. I am in Canada, we don’t seem to have the same butchering standards as parts of the US when it comes to beef ribs. I ask my butcher for plate ribs or Chuck ribs, but always seem to get something different every time. I...
  4. smokenbonez

    First Time with shortribs

    Hey folks, been smoking in for about 10 years and I'm ashamed to say I've never smoke any short ribs. I know I know, how can I say I'm a smoker if I've never smoked short ribs. Well we're not all perfect. I have finally found a good supply of decent quality beef short ribs and pick myself up two...
  5. J

    Thin cross-cut beef ribs

    I picked up these ribs and didn't read the package close enough to see they are cross cut and really thinly cut. I was going to season them with a rub and grill them but not sure how long they will take since they are so thin? Everything I have been reading says they take a long time, but...
  6. solman

    Smoked Korean beef short ribs (kalbi) and a mystery pork cut

    I grew up eating a ton of kalbi (korean beef short ribs) and it's always been cooked over a grill, hot and fast. I tried smoking some years ago but it turned out more jerky than tender, and I swore I'd never do it again. I think the problem then was that I smoked it at too high a temperature...
  7. basheirt

    Beef ribs! It's what's for dinner!

    Preparing for tonight's rib cook-off with friends. Got these bad boys on at about 250 at 8am with lump coal and hickory. Using my tappecue to monitor the cook. Spraying with apple juice & apple cider vinegar mix (1:1) every 30 minutes. Not planning to foil or tray. Just leaving them on the...
  8. flash gordon m.d.

    meat lollipops on GMG/DC.

    I smoked a couple of the USDA prime Chuck short ribs I got at Costco. I simply used bovine bold rub the night before, and smoke them at 225F to an internal temp of 204F. I did not spritz them with anything, and didn't really miss it. doing the ribs individually, which is how they come at...
  9. schlotz

    Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

    Short Ribs Braised w/Red Wine Serving Size: 4 Summary: Haven't had too much luck attempting to smoke the small short rib pieces our local grocer carries but this recipe done slowly via crockpot (approx -7 hrs) has turned out some great eats! Ingredients: 2.5 lbs. beef short ribs (bone-in), 2...
  10. N

    New user and first post. beef Short ribs and spare ribs

    hey everyone. New around here and just want to introduce myself and show you my cook from yesterday. Did short ribs 3-2-1 over apple wood. Salt and pepper only. As well as no foil spare ribs. Normally do 3-2-1 but changing it up Smoked between 225-250 for around 6 hours total.
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