Beef Ribs. Type?

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rowdy roddy 99

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Apr 3, 2021
For the Texas BBQ enthusiasts (and butchers) out there,hoping for some help. I am in Canada, we don’t seem to have the same butchering standards as parts of the US when it comes to beef ribs. I ask my butcher for plate ribs or Chuck ribs, but always seem to get something different every time. I have attached pics of some beef ribs I purchased yesterday. They’re massive, oddly cut into 2 bone segments. I’m unsure if these would be considered a plate rib or a Chuck rib or some other cut entirely. There looks to be 2 distinct layers of meat, the top layer is very lean which concerns me. Anyway, I have them smoking now and will happily provide updates, but if any insight would love to hear it. Thanks!


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I've never seen them in singles like that. I'd try smoking those baby's up at around 275º until they reached around 203º IT probe tender with a nice bark and some pullback. Be like brisket in a stick, my favorite! RAY
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looks like plate ribs just cut into 2 or single bone segments. You can specifically ask for a 4 bone that's usually what we cook or we cook them as singles.
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