Ribs anyone?

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Aug 13, 2022
Northern Utah
Decided to finally put these on…


Seasoned (simple salt and pepper with a touch of Lawrys)

On the grill!


Pork too? Sure!

Can’t wait! Thanks for looking!!
Plate ribs, delicious, im in for the final, hillbilly teef!
Looking good from here!!
Thanks! Turned out well!
Yep, I'm in...
See above!! Turned out nice!
WOW! Those look a lot better than the anorexic beef ribs I have on to take for lunch this week. They were on sale, so the bride got them for me.

I sure miss the thick meaty ribs that used to be sold around here.
They have quickly become some of our favorites. Unfortunately they aint cheep these days, but they taste great!!
Looks Amazing!! Perfect and Juicy looking!
Thanks! It’s always nice when they turn out!!
I'm jealous. Just can't find beef ribs like that here. :emoji_thumbsup:
Thise look mighty good Doc and hard to find in these parts .
Great color and bark !

These are just from Costco. We love em! If you have one close to you guys it’s worth a look. You can also ask the butcher who’s on as well if they are an option.
Those look perfect! Nice
Thanks! Turned out nice!!
You nailed them! My buddy did plate ribs today and dropped off a sampler.
That’s a buddy for sure!!
Very nice!!!! I would be one happy camper!
Yeah, they don’t last long.
Man, those look fantastic. Nice job 👍
Thank you!
Just great looking beef and pork ribs, But the final shot , Perfect

Like I say , any day with ribs on the menu , is a great day.

I’m with you. Makes any day a great day!!
Dang it Doc! That is straight up perfection!

Thanks. They’ve become a favorite of mine!
Those look awesome, nice job!
Thank you!!
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