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pulled pork

  1. Smoked Pulled Pork With Heath Riles Pork Injection

    Smoked Pulled Pork With Heath Riles Pork Injection

    Smoked pulled pork on my Louisiana Grill was Heath Riles pork injection https://m.facebook.com/RodDoingStuff/
  2. mr mac

    Hurricane Nestor Smoke

    Been some time since I last posted. Here is a shot that shows my dedication to the craft. Despite the deluge, the Boston Butt was the hit of the hurricane party!
  3. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Pork 3 Way! With Pics...

    Happy New Year Y'all! We had a small shindig so I decided Pork Butt would be a quick easy cook. Then I decided I wanted more Pork Belly and that lead to also wanting to try the Pork Belly Braid, cause why not!? The following ensued... Cook Details: Date: 12/31/19 Meat: Pork Butt (Bone In)...
  4. flatbroke

    kicked off the year off with pulled pork

    Was processing Sausage and seasoned a 10 pound butt with Oak ridge dominator rub, scored the fat and seasoned liberally. Started the pitboss pellet smoker up at 250 and after and hour threw the butt on at 710 am and turned the smoker down to 225 and let it ride. about 8 hrs in i raised the...
  5. kilo charlie

    Vampire Pork

    Since I was already firing up the smoker for pulled pork I figured I'd try a new experiment that I'll call Vampire Pork just because I can. Started with a 50/50 mix of coarse ground black pepper and smoked Kosher salt and a whole mess of garlic cloves. (For easier "peeling" of all those cloves...
  6. BalticViking

    New to You from Portland, Oregon

    Hi everyone! We are located in the heart of Portland ("Portlandia") Oregon. We've been university chaplains with a group called Chi Alpha (AoG) since 1989, based at Portland State University. So, we stumbled onto a "free" Traeger pro smoker on Craigslist, picking it up for a friend last...
  7. MattWTx

    First pulled pork in a few years!

    This is my first attempt at a pork shoulder in about 3 years. After a decent brisket and ribs this turned out really fantastic! 9lb shoulder, dry run only over night. Smoke at 225 for 11 hours with a mix of post oak and hickory. Spray mop with water only every 2 hours or so. Finish the last hour...
  8. djsmokesupreme

    Memorial Day Pork Shoulder

    Starting a Sunday smoke. Starting with a small boneless pork shoulder, injected with 1 cup of a half and half mixture of bourbon and apple juice, with a packet of Saizon (Cuban pork seasoning) mixed in. I’ve liberally coated it with Jeff’s Rib Rub. Just waiting for the Weber Smokey Mountain to...
  9. seanysmokes

    Easter Pecan Butt

    Looking good after a few hours with some pecan chips. Did a basic BBQ rub & mustard binder with brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder & kosher salt and let sit overnight. Going to pair with smoked Mac N Cheese, corn bread, green beans and deviled eggs!! More pics to follow.
  10. Preacher Man

    Smoked Everything Club Sandwich

    It's hard to know where to put this post, but I settled on here because the initial inspiration to make this sammich was needing to use some of my Meal Prep Turkey that's been in the freezer. It just so happened that I also had some smoked pastrami in the freezer and some pulled pork in the...
  11. Preacher Man

    Pulled Pork Enchiladas

    I love my kids. When I asked what they wanted for supper last night they didn't say "chicken nuggets" or "corn dogs", they said "enchiladas!...but not too spicy, Dad." Wish granted. I started with some leftover pulled pork. Chopped it up and mixed in some cheese and spices. Rolled it up in...
  12. saltysandman

    pulled pork butt pull temp?

    hello pitmasters, doing another butt today. got a late start but i'll be up late. i know there's a huge spectrum on techniques. Low and slow vs. fast and furious. I'm going 225 the whole way this time around. Wanted to get opinions on pull temps? 190 too low, right? i'm thinking of going...
  13. B

    Help My Butt!

    I am historically NOT a fan of BBQ pork. Raised in Texas and NM, ranchers taught me that pork was for breakfast. I am trying to learn to like it and am trying to learn to do it well. I apparently screwed up. And need to know what I did wrong. I see all of these pull pork videos online and...
  14. loosechangedru

    Top round roast and overnight pulled pork

    Started a couple of boston butts last night on my 18.5 WSM, and had plans for a top round to join them in the morning. I was a little lazy last night, I did not prepare the beef until the morning. Lit chimney @ 10pm, temp stable @235* with applewood, water in the water pan, and butts on by about...
  15. jmardock


    I wanted to smoke a standing rib roast for New Years Eve dinner, so I went to Costco a few days earlier and accidentally brought home a lot more meat than that. Since I was taking some time off from work for the holidays, I decided to spend a couple of days smoking a lot of the meat to freeze...
  16. loosechangedru

    Pulled Beef and Pork, and Ribs for the family

    My family (7 adults and 2 kids) is going to Blue Ridge for an extended weekend, and we've divided meal duties amongst different family members. As fun as it would be to run my 18.5 WSM at our cabin rental, I don't think it would outweigh the pain of traveling with it in a Prius. I decided to...
  17. markh024

    Pork Butts

    Hi gang, got some butts going and they're "looking" fabulous. I'm close to the 4 hour mark (20min to go)and I'm only at 113* on the smaller one, and 108* on the bigger. I'm not going to hit 140* in that safety zone. My concern is that I injected and this is dragging. The smoker has been at...
  18. Bearcarver

    Boston Butt (Pulled Pork @ 265° Smoker Temp)

    Boston Butt (Pulled Pork @ 265° Smoker Temp) There are many ways to Smoke Pulled Pork, But I don’t like to do overnight Smokes, so since this Butt was 9.2 pounds, I figured I’d try to get it done for Supper (about 4 to 5PM). Knowing I could easily “hold” it if it finishes to early, I got up at...
  19. MetalHeadMeatEater

    Couple of Questions + NFL Kickoff Smokes

    Hey SMF Crew, After my initial couple of smokes after getting my WSM, I did a couple more over 2 weekends to line up with the beginning of the NFL season involving PP and ribs, and they caused a couple of questions to pop up in my head, so I figured I'd ask the gang on here, and throw the...
  20. K

    70lbs pulled pork on traeger

    Have a big event coming up and want to make pulled pork for about 150 people. Questions I'm wondering are: 1. How much meat do I need? Heard 1/4 lb up to 1/2 per person. Which is it? With this kind of quantity that's a big diff. 3. Have a traeger select pro and am concerned if I can fit...
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