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  1. Rings Я Us

    Good pulled pot on the ECB

  2. B

    smoking pulled pork/slow cooking combo

    Hey guys im just getting into the smoking world and loving it. Just looking for opinions on a few things...I'm having about 25 people over for a friends 30th bday on Saturday at 430pm. I offered to make pulled pork for everybody. It's my first time doing a pork butt. I bought 5 pork butts about...
  3. endo129

    Pork Butt Failure

    So, at my little girl's request, I smoked a butt on Thursday to make her favorite meal, but it turned out to be a disaster; my first complete failure on the smoker. Not long in to the smoke I noticed black liquid dripping on my deck. I looked under my SmokeVault 24" and saw this was dripping...
  4. disco

    Char Siu Pork, The TV Show

    I have been honoured by the local community TV channel (ShawTV) who have asked me to do a cooking show called You Can Make It. A lot of fun, right? Well, actually it is but there are some challenges. First, they have a shoe string budget so I buy all my own ingredients. Second they come out and...
  5. mark in the pit

    Coffee Infused Pork Loin On The Oklahoma Joe

    Coffee Infused Smoked Pork Loin Ingredients: Pork Loin Vegetable Oil Decaf Coffee The Rub The Rub Recipe: 1/2 C Brown Sugar 1/2 C Paprika 1/4 C Black Sea Salt 1/4 C Chili Powder 1 TB Pepper 2 TB Old Bay 1/2 TS Ginger Method: Rub all ingredients (proportions to taste) on the pork loin. I set...
  6. SmokinAl


    I took a big crock pot of chili to the SF Gathering on Saturday. It was requested that I post the recipe on the forum. So here it is. It has pork, beef, & sausage in it. So I just posted it here in pork. I call it meat lovers chili. If you don't have or don't want all the different meats in...