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Reverse Sous Vide Pulled Pork ( Pit Boss Kamado )

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Reverse Sous Vide Pulled Pork

This was my first attempt as Sous Viding anything. Following instructions from online manuals I used the recommended temp of 145°F for Sous Viding pork. I personally couldn't handle the texture. What I learned from this sous viding experience is that I prefer my meats cooked at traditional temperatures. Not lower pasteurized temps.

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1) Smoke the pork butt as usual for until you reach desired smoke / color.
2) Sous vide for 24 hours @ 165°F (what I recommend).
3) Just pull it and eat it, torching is just kind of weird. If I really needed to add some more color I would toss it back on the smoker for another hour or so.

What I did via trial and error was follow instructions and sous vide @ 145°F for 24 hours. I could not handle the texture. Thinking back on the experience I think I can better describe the texture of the pork to be kind of like if canned tuna wasn't dry and hard. To try and salvage the pork I sous vided again for another 24 hours @ 165°F. That produced a more traditional pulled pork in both appearance and texture.


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I can't imagine 145* IT temperature for pork, that defiantly was your problem. I haven't done a butt as of yet, only chucks and top rounds. If I did beef for that long a time I don't think I would like the texture at all, way to spongy. I guess pork reacts differently.

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I've done a few cuts of pork and chicken and fish since then. Havent tried beef yet, I quess that would be more to just warm it to temp than sear the outside. But I am noticing for myself, when cooking at lower temps that instructionals I've come across call for I really just don't care for the texture. Not concerned about being under cooked as time = pasteurization. But using traditraditional temps gives a traditional texture with a little more tenderness. At least that seems to be my experience. Only reason I posted this video is because I was able to save it. That and I'm sure I'm not the first guy to screw something up learning this sous videing thing. :)

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