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pork belly

  1. thirdeye

    Streak O' Lean ~aka~ Side Meat ~aka~ Salt Pork

    It goes by several names, and if you come from the South you may have had it (if you're old enough).... or if your kinfolk still cook with the old ways. With me it's definitely a Grandpa thing. Streak O' Lean is cured but un-smoked pork belly, in other words, think fresh side pork that has...
  2. thirdeye

    There Is A Santa Claus ~ And His Sleigh Is Full Of Pork Belly

    In the high lonesome, pork bellies have been scarcer than hens teeth most of the year. The last one I bought was 6 months ago. I belong to a group of friends that often do group purchases... everything from sweet corn to smoking woods, spices and other mail order things to save on shipping...
  3. B

    Pork belly still safe?

    Hey guys, So I bought pork belly to cure it and I'm presently not sure if it's still safe to consume because I think I may have made some mistakes. Possible mistake #1 I bought the belly 12 days ago from Costco and not sure if any part of their processing the meat involves penetrating it in any...
  4. cardsfan

    Burnt ends and pork belly nugz.

    Made some burnt ends from a small point, and smoked 2lbs. of cubed pork belly. EXCELLENT!
  5. edward36

    Pork belly burnt ends - aka the pig candies

    Hi there, guys! This is my take on the absolutely mouthwatering recipe by Jess Pryles, the one and only! What you will need: - 3-4 lb pork belly, skin off, cut into 3-4cm (1 ½") cubes. - Your favourite BBQ rub - I used a rub with a bit of cherry sweetness in it, e.g. Three Little Pigs Touch...
  6. Misplaced Nebraskan

    May I present... Texas Pretzels (Pork Belly Prezels)

    Alright Y'all! After a few attempts and tweaks I think this is ready to share... First off, HUGE shout out to @Bearcarver for the inspiration! In another Post I did with Pork Belly, Bear said I should make pretzels. I thought on it for a bit and came up with a plan. After a test run the...
  7. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends with Q View! Mostly Pics

    Merry X-Mas Eve Y'all! Got invited to a friend's family shindig tonight so I figured I'd supply some PBBEs. Who doesn't love PBBEs?! Anyways, here are some pics and basic steps I did but this is mostly a visual trip today. Cook Details: Date: 12/23/19 Meat: Pork Belly Rub: Pitfaced On Point...
  8. S

    Hmong-ish dinner - testing the new inkbird SV

    I'm no expert at Thai, Lao, Hmong cuisine, but I'm a quick study. My Hmong friends can't believe some white guy made it. Clockwise: SV pork belly then sauteed with Japanese eggplant and onions in a reduced soy glaze. Soured bamboo salad and Beef knuckles SV until tender then minced with onions...
  9. gmc2003

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends 1st try.

    Well this was my first attempt at PBBEs and I now see why everyone goes crazy over these things. PBBEs will most certainly make the party circuit along with pork shots, moinks and ABTs. ...and away we go. Started out with about 3 pounds of pork belly(cut from the 9 pounder I bought). Cut it...
  10. smokenharley

    1st Pork Belly Bacon

    Well my smoking brethren, I tried pork belly bacon for the first time. And it was a success. I must say that of all things I have smoked, outside of cheese, this has got to be one of the easiest I have done. If you are considering giving it a try I would highly suggest that you do and you will...
  11. Preacher Man

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends with Cherry Lime Glaze

    I started with 5 lbs of pork belly and cubed them up about 1"x1". I sprinkled them with a little rub that I threw together really quick. Some sugar, some Lawry's Seasoned Salt, a little paprika, some cumin, and a good amount of pepper. It really wasn't my favorite rub. But oh well. Into the MES...
  12. Preacher Man

    Sliced Pork Belly

    I started with a 5 pound pork belly sliced in half with the grain. After diamond-scoring the top I seasoned it with a rub consisting of: 2 T Sugar 2 T Kosher Salt 2 T Paprika 1 T Garlic 1½ t Course Black Pepper 1½ t Mustard Powder 1 t Chile Powder Smoked at 230º with Applewood until the...
  13. bacon_crazy510

    More bacon!!!

    "It's been while." "I don't know why it's taken so long..." Thoughts that go through my head. The wait is over. But it just began! I started some belly curing in Pop's brine recipe, with the addition of maple extract and some "black forest seasoning" I found on another site. It includes...
  14. nkpal624

    Pork Belly with Mustard & Vinegar Sauce

    I took my first stab at a BBQ pork belly today in my MES. It took about four hours in the smoker to reach 160° at a smoker temperature that hovered between 225° and 250°. I used a 4 pound pork belly and scored it on both sides before applying a simple pork rub. Here is the rub: -2 tbsp of...
  15. katemail13

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends - with pics!

    Hi, all. Today seemed like a good day to make pork belly burnt ends for the second time ever. They were even better this time than the first time. I used a 4.5 lb pork belly from Sam's Club, Jeff's Original Rub, my own favorite homemade BBQ sauce, and some honey. So good! I heated the...
  16. burgerbob

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends - First Attempt

    About a month or so ago I was at Sam's strolling through the meat department contemplating what I was going to smoke next. I wanted to do something I hadn't done before but also didn't really have any ideas.... that's when I stumbled across their pork belly. Now there was only two separate...
  17. Preacher Man

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends with Dr Pepper Huckleberry Glaze

    Been seeing PBBE's on here and decided to make some for a men's Christmas party. Started with a 5 lbs Pork Belly (skin off) that I found for $1.88/lb. I cubed them a little smaller than most I've seen because I wanted them to go farther at the party. About 1"x1". Seasoned with a little BBQ...
  18. Dafish13

    Umai Pancetta - Should have made BACON

    So after about 2 months the first of my 2 pancettas, the flat, lost 27% of its weight. I pulled it out and sliced it in half. It looks like bacon and unfortunately tastes like raw bacon. Since it looks like bacon I fried it like bacon and wow, it tastes great. I have concluded that pancetta...
  19. SWFLsmkr1

    Pork Belly Pellet Style

    Doing a pork belly today on the pellet grill. Simple marinade for 2 hours. 1 lemon juiced (or use 2 Tbs lemon juice in a bottle or squeezer) 2 Tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp salt 1.5 Tbsp chinese 5 spice 1.5 Tbsp brown sugar 2 tsp ground black pepper (mix together all the dry) 1 can beer (add to the foil...
  20. chilerelleno

    Asian Nite at The Relleno's

    Wife and I split out for a concert in MS, went to the Pearl River Casino Resort to see Great White and Skid Row. A night away from home without the kids, a night for dinner, a concert and hotel stay. Now the great thing about this concert is that my wife is friends with Mitch Malloy, Great...
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