Pork Belly Cubano Sandwich's for dinner

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Jan 12, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
I like a good Cubano sandwich, always in search to try sandwiches. I read a post last week by FishandBeer where he made a pork belly in the cuban style. Cuban Melts I happen to have a belly in the freezer so I'm going to do some cuban style sandwiches for dinner tonight. this evening. Radio Gal and I are camping in Florida this month. I had a Costco carver ham in the refrigerator. These are great hams for slicing, the taste is great and not too salty. I smoke that ham a few days ago for super bowl sandwiches. Call it a double smoked ham, basted is with a glaze made with butter, brown sugar, mustard, cloves, pepper and some cherry-blood orange jam. Sorry no pictures, but that ham is so good double smoked.

Costo boneless ham

Pork belly rubbed with fresh minced garlic, scallions, cilantro, lemon and lime zest. quick dry rub made with pepper, garlic, salt, cumin, cayenne. Applied rub yesterday and let those fresh flavors blend for a few hours in a zip bag on the counter. Afer a few hours I put a bottle of Mojo marinade in the bag and into the refer to soak overnight.


Pit barrel Jr charcoal basket, I load it with Royal Oak hardwood briquettes, and scatter some of my hardwood chunks. Cherry, apple, hickory. I use a 3” piece of exhaust pipe to separate a void for Lit” coals. I light 4-5 coals and put them in the pipe and use tongs to let the fire loose. Have the Pitmaster stoker set to 260F.

Belly on, fat down for first hour.
View of our campsite. Loving retirement more each day!
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We had talked about traveling our entire working lives. Last year we decided the take to plunge, bought a nice travel trailer, truck and equipped the little house with all the stuff. This is our inaugural long camping trip. We took delivery on the trailer late last summer and did a few short trips within Ohio. This is an entire learning experience. So far We are loving the camping life. I bought the Pit Barrel Jr to take on the road, it’s a great fit.



The day we left Ohio, January 30th
I am so jealous, I doubt I would be able to drive your truck and trailer, but love the idea of freedom, and going anywhere you want.

Can't wait to see the cooking results, we love Cuban inspired food here.
I took the belly off after a little over 4 hours. It was probe tender, 195 IT or so. double wrapped in foil. Im making a simple spanish rice. Will post when the sandwiches are done.
JLeonard we do plan a west trip out to the pacific coast some time. Need to get my sea legs established.
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Sammy assembly, This is my take on cuban sandwich, sorry purests

take the chill off the ham and crisp up the belly slices
Warm the tortilla in the big CI

Mustard dressing, stone ground mustard mixed with mayo and a little sour creme

Add some pork belly slices
add the ham

Trying to post photos from the phone is proving a challenge. I'll post the conclusion in a bit. Have to upload to my network.
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Add some swiss cheese, I did put a tablespoon of grated pecorino romano under the swiss slices. Very sharp almost peppery.

20220215_184311.jpg 20220215_184526.jpg 20220215_184616.jpg
Into the big CI used the little one as the press.
Spicy mexican rice from Chef John,

Money Shot, these are so good! This is definately going into my cook book!!
Plate for my camping neighbors! I borrowed some mustard earlier today.

If you are ever in Crystal River, this place makes a killer Cuban sammich. Sea-Hags deli.

Take care guys, Be and Travel Safe.
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That looks awesome very nice. I have had the cuban from Sea Hag. Kind of looks like your staying at the campground on Gulf Beach Road is that correct? I lived in Crystal River for most of my life still have family living there
Wow! Im really digging your take on a Cuban sandwich! There is absolutely nothing I disslike about the entire process.. Nice work! And enjoy your time in Florida...your gonna have some great times traveling with that camper!!
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