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Mar 3, 2014
Sydney, Australia
Hi there, guys!

This is my take on the absolutely mouthwatering recipe by Jess Pryles, the one and only!

What you will need:

- 3-4 lb pork belly, skin off, cut into 3-4cm (1 ½") cubes.
- Your favourite BBQ rub - I used a rub with a bit of cherry sweetness in it, e.g. Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry.
- about 1 cup your favourite BBQ sauce - this time I used Stubbs.
- ½ cup chicken stock
- 1 tbsp honey - I don't like honey so I use dates syrup. Works a charm!
- 3-4 oz unsalted butter - well, just... because butter! :D

Real easy to do:

1. Season the pork belly cubes with the rub and smoke open on 115C (240F) for about 2 hours. I use a cooling rack to transfer the cubes in one go to the smoker, otherwise going one by one is going to bring that heat in your smoker to a spike.

2. Take the pork off the smoker and put it in a large aluminium disposable pan. Mix the BBQ sauce, sicken stock and honey in a bowl until combined and pour over the pork to coat well. Put few butter knobs on top, cover tightly with foil and return to the smoker for another 2 hours or so. You can leave it longer - it's just going to get more tender.

3. Uncover and keep cooking for another hour to reduce and thicken that sauce.

Looks delicious, Like! RAY

Ray, this one was an eye opener for me... I've done the pork belly, learned the perfect crackling methods, but never thought about pork belly burnt ends, until I saw that video by Jess Pryles... That lady is real something - you gotta check her out! (hey! not THAT way :emoji_wink::emoji_laughing:)
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