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  1. voltronic

    Gasket for kettle: worth it?

    I will soon be purchasing my first Weber kettle, a 22" Master Touch. I'm new to charcoal, and this cooker will be used mostly for short grilling sessions but occasional smoking as well. I know that even without the gasket, the kettle will be a major upgrade from my gas grill. I am wondering if...
  2. chopsaw

    Brisket on the 26 " Kettle

    Finally got the chance to throw a brisket on the 26 . I only use it for smoking . Grilling gets done on the 22 . Gordon's Food service has briskets for $2.98 lb. I've been buying them to grind . Grabbed one a couple weeks ago . The sell by date was the 7th . That was Sunday , so decided to...
  3. chopsaw

    Brisket ( that's more like it )

    This is the 5th brisket I've smoked . I use my 26 " kettle to do these . Works great for longer smokes . Been cooking on kettles along time . Just never did brisket . The first one I did awhile back came out fantastic . The second was even better . So I took a " what's so hard about brisket "...
  4. E

    Weber Kettle or ProQ Frontier for Occasional Smoking

    I currently don't have any BBQ at all and I've been keen to get into some low and slow meat smoking. I've narrowed my decision down to either buying a ProQ Frontier Smoker or a Weber kettle grill. The majority of its use will be for fast grilling, hence why I'm considering a Weber kettle, but...
  5. gmc2003

    Burgers - with an added twist!!!

    Since the wife was out and about last night with her friends, and wouldn't be home for supper. Skidmark and I took it as an open invite to smoke/cook whatever we(well I) wanted. I was kind of craving a good pizza, but at the same time I wanted a good burger. Well dang-nab-it there has to be a...
  6. gmc2003


    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I did the tomahawks, and the wife came home from Costco with a three pack of their rib-eyes. So out comes the kettle. Getting ready for a sprinkle of salt and pepper: All Seasoned: Onto the kettle for their indirect part of the journey: Skidmark was...
  7. gmc2003

    Tomahawk Ribeye.

    It was a beautiful afternoon in Northern Vt and my workcation is almost over. So decided to do something a little special for the wife and I. Most of the day was spent hanging shiplap on our dinning room wall to replace an old french door. Then I started thinking about dinner. After packing up...
  8. gmc2003

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends 1st try.

    Well this was my first attempt at PBBEs and I now see why everyone goes crazy over these things. PBBEs will most certainly make the party circuit along with pork shots, moinks and ABTs. ...and away we go. Started out with about 3 pounds of pork belly(cut from the 9 pounder I bought). Cut it...
  9. BoilerBBQ

    First reverse sear NY strip

    I’ve been wanting to reverse sear some steaks for awhile. I bought a prime top loin for Christmas, so I cut a couple 2” thick and set them aside for the smoker. They turned out great. I’ll probably do ribeyes next time, but I prefer a leaner cut when grilled, so that is what I had on hand...
  10. lemans

    Lazy Sunday Wings

    Just hanging out Sunday. 12 wings in Buttermilk and red pepper for 6 hours and then onto the weber with my vortex and some Owens hot wing rub..
  11. K

    Slow 'N Sear vs. Charcoal Baskets -- Weber Kettle 22"

    So I've been tossing around the idea of buying a slow 'n sear for indirect cooking from adrenaline bbq but since they're kind of pricy, I was looking around for some alternatives and found these charcoal baskets made for the Kettle. They cost a fraction of what a slow 'n sear does but I want to...
  12. beef_chief

    First Brisket Q-view

    Had a separate thread where I got some great advice about smoking my first brisket. Got it trimmed and rubbed this morning and on the smoker around 8:10 where the smoker was 279 and brisket was 44. I’m using the snake method with cherry wood in my Weber kettle, hoping a 2x2 + 1 on top will keep...
  13. beef_chief

    Plan for First Brisket

    So far I've only smoked 5 racks of pork spare ribs over a couple of smokes. But I'm jumping to brisket this Saturday per the request of my dad for our Father's Day celebration. I picked up a 15 lb packer at Sams, and have come up with a game-plan based on various threads and articles on here...
  14. beef_chief

    My First Ribs!

    Smoked my first ribs this morning! Stuck to the classic 3-2-1 method since it was my first time, but honestly I’ll do it the exact same way next time because I love how they turned out. Cooked on my Weber performer kettle with charcoal/hickory chips and a water pan down below. Olive oil and lots...
  15. beef_chief

    Help: What temp do I trust

    Currently smoking my first racks of pork spare ribs on my Weber performer kettle. It has a therm on the lid, and I’ve got two probes near the grate. My probes are reading 225, but the lid is reading 400. I figure I should just trust the probes but maybe the best thing is to average the two temps...
  16. beef_chief

    Aspiring Pitmaster from Huntsville, AL

    My name is Andrew Phillips, I'm 20 years old and a senior at Auburn University studying industrial and systems engineering. I'm home for the summer now with an internship and taking on a few commissions with my woodworking business (Phillips-Head Woodworks... find me on Instagram/Etsy). I have...
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