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electric smoker

  1. MABulous

    Cooking Time for Multiple Pieces of Meat

    Quick question for the experts: smoking time for one 18lb piece of pork butt vs two 9lb pieces. Am I calculating by 18lbs or 9lbs (on the assumption that they are spaced far enough apart for air circulation)?
  2. T

    Suggestions for Regulating Temp or New Smoker?

    Please read and offer your thoughts...maybe this will help others who are flying blind like I was. I have a Masterbuilt 30" Elec Digital Smoker. I've always "trusted" the temp settings and, honestly, had mixed results. I previously used a meat thermometer only in the meat but recently...
  3. J

    Does anyone know about electric smokers?

    Hi have a GMG pellet smoker which I love. Thing is, I'm always afraid of running out of pellets in the middle of the night if I try to smoke a large brisket. I've heard that with an electric smoker, if the wood chips burn down it will still continue to heat and cook the food and I can add more...
  4. F

    The Electrics - "just the facts, ma'am" ; needing crash course

    First off, not a pro ; just average three time a year smoker... but I am originally from Texas, if that gives me any bonuses, I used a cheap walmart offset with lump coal and hickory/mesquite last 15 years. Seemed to get good results 90% of the time. I have cooked 4 times now in the new...
  5. B

    Which smoker is better for my needs?

    I'm looking at both an electric smoker (MES 440 OR MES 140) and a pellet smoker (Traeger 575 Pro). I love to cook and to BBQ but am new to smoking. The appeal of electric to me was that it seemed very easy to control heat and to use (I intended to use the A-maze-n smoker tube). My concern about...
  6. wesir

    MES 340G Temp Issues

    Used my MES 340G for the first time today to do some snack sticks and seemed to get a pretty noticeable temp swing from the right to left sides, right side above the heating element cooked much faster than the left side did, there any mods people recommend to even this out? I saw something about...
  7. K

    SmokeRx - the first large scale test

    I recently finished the build for my cold/hot smoker which my son-in-law thinks looks like a hospital crash cart so we named it SmokeRx. This last weekend my daughter and wife asked me to cook brisket and pulled pork for an event they were hosting for 150 people. Seemed like a good challenge...
  8. K

    SmokeRX - Electric Hot/Cold Smoker Build

    I've been lurking on the forums for a long time now and taken a lot of inspiration from the members. Through the years I've gone through a long list of grills, kamados, and pellet grills (currently have a green egg and a Memphis grill) but never had something that would hold a lot or give me...
  9. kallud

    Pellet grill or electric smoker?

    Ok so my electric smoker finally went out on me (R.I.P). I’ve been looking into pellet grills and I’m wondering if anyone has smoked food on them? Im also limited on find these days and looking for one under $400. I’ve seen some pit bosses that are right around that price point and will be large...
  10. C

    MES40 not heating

    I have the cabelas edition MES40. stopped heating. changed out the element today but still doesn't heat. anyone know what the incoming voltage at the female end terminal should be going to the element? Thanks in advance. unplugged from the element I get roughly 24. one plugged in, I get...
  11. smoketrailsteve

    Here's How I Get Crispy Turkey Skin in the MES

    After many failed attempts and lots of rubbery skin, I thought I'd document my method for getting crispy turkey skin in the MES. Anyone have other methods to getting crispy skin in the MES without using the oven? BBQ Turkey Rub Recipe: 2 Tbsp Paprika 2 Tbsp Chilli Powder 1 Tbsp Poultry...
  12. JustMax87

    Boneless Turkey Breast Smoke Time

    Smoking two 5lb turkey breasts this weekend. I've only smoked full birds with the bones and everything and I've figured out the timing on that. I've never smoked boneless breasts. How much time per pound should I give a boneless turkey breast? My gut tells me 20-30 min per pound to get to an...
  13. GreytQ

    New member in Killeen, TX

    Moved to Central Texas from Southern Indiana a year ago this month. I had been smoking over hardwood charcoal, etc. for several years but translating those skills to TX wasn't working for me. Trying to manage the temperature and smoke level in all this WIND was just too much. Santa brought me...
  14. pbrown86

    MES 30 DIY PID Controller Help

    Hey all, I have a Masterbuilt (20070411) 30" Digital Electric Smoker. I have had some issues with the controller turning off. I turn on the smoker, it works fine, but then randomly turns off. I can eventually (by moving the control panel) get it to turn on and hope it stays on. So I have...
  15. J

    Electric smoker and gas grill or pellet smoker?

    Looking for some advice. Until recently, I had a standard (natural) gas grill and a 30 inch Masterbuilt electric smoker. However, shortly after going out of warranty, the smoker's control unit gave out and, after I replaced that, some internal component died and I had to scrap it. I liked the...
  16. D

    Why is my bark bitter.

    Hey folks. I'm new to the forums. I've been smoking various meats on an electric smoker called "smokin-it II" for a few years now. The meat always is tender and it turns out well except that the bark is usually bitter. For example: I smoked a brisket yesterday. meat was rubbed down with a light...
  17. nkpal624

    MES 130B Questions: Is it worth it?

    Hi all, I may have the opportunity to pick up a brand new MES 130B for under $100 at Lowe's this week. My main question is if it is worth the buy. I currently have an offset smoker that I have been using and love but it has a real-estate problem in the fact that I can typically only smoke one...
  18. S

    Another fride smoker with some questions

    Good day all First I want to appologise in advance if I do typo mistakes, english is not my first language. Thank you for I all the good information and advises you put in this forum, it`s is very helpfull. I started my fridge smoker project last week and I`m now at the point to cover the door...
  19. M

    Need help smoking a brisket ASAP!!!

    Hey guys I have a question. So I have a 14lb Brisket I'm wanting to smoke for a Christmas party but it is too large to fit in my masterbuilt electric smoker. I think I'm going to have to cut it in half. My question is Does that affect the time I should smoke it for? How long and at what...
  20. bbde

    Southern Pride Electric Smoker

    I'm considering selling a very lightly used (like new) S-200 Southern Pride smoker. It's sitting on a nice stainless roller cart with sheet-pan slots underneath. Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Price: ?? Please PM me if you're interested in making an offer. Shipping: is an option, but...
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