Pellet grill or electric smoker?

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Original poster
Jan 20, 2017
Green Bay, wisconsin
Ok so my electric smoker finally went out on me (R.I.P). I’ve been looking into pellet grills and I’m wondering if anyone has smoked food on them? Im also limited on find these days and looking for one under $400. I’ve seen some pit bosses that are right around that price point and will be large enough for me to smoke at least a full brisket. One last thing that worries me is using in cold weather. I live in Wisconsin so we obviously get cold winters and since I work out of the country most of the year I need to be able to smoke food in the winters If that is the time that I’m home. Thanks a head of time for any response.

I was in Walmart day before yesterday, they had all of last years Pit Bosses on clearance for $200, I think. Never cooked on one but seemed like a pretty good deal. May wanna check that out.
In that price range I would definitely go the electric route. I have the Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone and find the circulating air tends to dry things out more than my stick burners. I have played with deflector placement extensively and have found the least problematic position, but if you place a rack of ribs in it positioned front to back I guarantee both ends will be crispy. I use a dual remote probe to monitor temps and have replaced the controller, igniter and temp sensor under warranty. Even with a pellet tube for extra smoke, the stick burners still win on flavor hands down! I have little experience with an electric, but I have seriously considered kicking the GMG to the curb and buying an MES 140 for those times I don't have time to feed the wood fired smoker every hour
I have a mes 30 and a pitboss 1000, I live in northeast pa and use both year round with no troubles, the only thing is you won't get the smoke flavor with the pellet smoker like you do with electric unless you use a smoke tube. but i'm happy with both. if I had to choose one I would go with the pellet grill since they are more versatile.
Electric and you can wrap with this for insulation. I use this and then a Harbor Freights moving blanket for ND smoking
I have the GMG Daniel Boone, and have turned out beyond excellent Q with it. I use nothing but Lumber Jack pellets and do run a rack system to raise the Q up higher off the main grates. To me this is the best area as it’s a more even cook. I use GrillGrates to grill steaks and chops.

And now I’m hungry, I’m going to make me a burger now! LOL
I live right outside of Minneapolis and own both an electric and a pellet grill. Insulation on both works well. I have a Pit Boss 1000SC and a MES40. The Pit Boss has an insulated blanket on it and the MES has batted insulation around it in the winter. I prefer to use the Pit Boss personally. Seems to give off more smoke on a consistant basis. Again just my opinion and lets face it, if you like the electric get another. If you want to try something new go for a pellet smoker. Both work great for me. Only thing i will say is if you like more of a bark on things it seems the pellet grill getting a bit crisper.
Pellet burners move more air through the cook chamber and will produce a drier exterior on anything you cook. Great for chicken, but beef and pork often need to be mopped or spritzed. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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