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canadian bacon

  1. J

    Should my Canadian bacon be pinker/hammier? Is this normal?

    I smoked the Canadian bacon I've been working on yesterday. I had 9.17 pounds of meat cut into 3 pieces, 1 gallon of water, .25% #1, 2% salt, and 1% sugar. I let is soak in the brine for 3 weeks flipping every 2 days or so. Then I smoked one piece in pear, one in apple, and one in cherry wood...
  2. chopsaw

    Loin Hams , Dave's injection .

    I normally do loins with Tender Quick , but it's good to keep up with different ways to do things . So I went with the phosphate injection that I use on the butts and picnics . I have also been wanting to try a spicy Italian style ham . Another reason I went with the phosphate injection . Now...
  3. daveomak

    Pork loin... faomheart style.... Canadian bacon, made in America... Recipe added

    Kevin and I traded stuff awhile back.. Well, maybe a few years back... time seems to run amok anymore... He got some weird spices and I ended up with some lovely stretch netting.... It seems meat prefers to be tied up when smoking.... So this loin was whispering my name the other day when...
  4. Fran

    Canadian style & back bacon

    Finished off doing a Canadian style bacon & a back bacon today. I use a wet brine akin to Pop's (lower salt & sugar), with maple syrup, then crushed coriander, mixed peppercorns, mustard seeds & all spice berries that I put in an oversized 'teabag', floaters in the brine are a load of bay...
  5. thebig1

    Canadian Bacon Bearcarver’s Way

    Well, this is my first attempt at ever making Canadian bacon. I allowed the meat to cure for 12 days. I got it out this morning, washed and soaked it, and then cut a piece out of the middle of the thickest piece and fried it up for the wife and I. Again, this is my first time. It kind of tasted...
  6. SonnyE

    Back Bacon (Canadian Bacon)....

    Today my first shot as Back Bacon (ala Disco) came out of its curing bag and is soaking in an Ice Water bath for an hour before heading into the fridge open for forming the Pellical. The Pork Loin is all firmed up from the curing slumber and daily massage and turn over. I'm imagining some tasty...
  7. exromenyer

    Buck Board Bacon

    Sure don't enjoy wishing time to pass by, but could barely wait for this to finish...Hits the smoker tomorrow...Chipotle and Black Pepper, Onion and Garlic......More pics to follow....
  8. chopsaw

    Cured up some Pork loins

    Found some whole loins for a good price , $1.29 / lb. Bought 2 froze one . I like to put them in a net , but this time I went without . Cut in thirds , used TQ , brown sugar , and liquid smoke in each bag . Yeah ,,, liquid smoke . It's ok . Went 14 days in the fridge , then rinsed and back in...
  9. exromenyer

    Boneless Pork Loins on sale at Food Lion in the South

    For those of you in the North Carolina / South Carolina and maybe even surrounding states (I'm just not sure how far that store reaches) they have smaller cut, 2.50 pounds to at least 4 pound Boneless Pork Loins on sale for $1.49 per pound which is quite fair for around here. Just picked up a...
  10. Reb

    Bears dry rub canadian bacon

    I got a 10lb tenderloin at Sams Club yesterday been feelin some canadian bacon lately. Last batch I made was with Pops brine an a few other things i added and it turned out great. I went with Bear's dry rub this time around. I split my tenderloin into 2 5lb chunks rubbed them both down with...
  11. wingrider

    Canadian Bacon - Disappointing Result

    For I don't know how many years now, several times a year I would make Canadian Bacon based on a thread started by Woodcutter: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/canadian-bacon-using-pops-brine-2nd-try.136954/ Just used standard pork loins cut into 4 or 5 pieces. Used this brine: Recipe...
  12. McCann519

    First Try at Canadian Bacon & Venison Dried Beef

    Took my first crack at some Canadian Bacon and Venison Dried Beef last weekend. I had some pork loins which I bought over the holidays and got into Pop's Brine for 10 days. 2 whole loins cut into 8 pieces total. I ended up rolling 4 of the pieces into corn meal and making a "peameal" bacon...
  13. chopsaw

    Loin Ham .

    Had a chunk of Loin left over from another cook , so I rubbed it with TQ . In the cure 14 days . Put it in some 5 inch netting and hung in the mes 30 . 12" tube , oak pellets in the mailbox . Pulled at 150 . Rest over night . . . Didn't get many pics No big deal really , but I love doin...
  14. Rings Я Us


    This will be my first use or Mortons Tender Quick in a dry brine. Trimmed up real nice. 9.25 lbs into an Even 8.5 lbs. Liquid and fat all went bye bye..
  15. SmokinAl

    Canadian Bacon-lot's of qview

    I bought a pork loin at Sam's a couple of weeks ago. I cut it into 4 pieces. I froze two of them. Stuffed one and this one I cured & smoked for CB. I used Pop's brine with 2 TBS cure#1 instead of one. I injected as much cure into the loin as it would take. This is it going in.            ...
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