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  • the big 1 can you tell me how long I should smoke my 17lb. Uncooked Pork Shoulder
    Sir, Hi I am Larry, if I may ask a quick question, Is that a masterbuilt smoker that you smoked cooper sharp cheese in ?
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    Hi Larry,
    Best if you post your question on the open forums.
    You can scroll down to the Cheeses' Forum, and get started right away.
    Jump in!

    I smoke cheeses in my MES 30, but use what's called a Mod around here. (Short for modification)
    But many simply put an AMNPS inside a MES, and smoke that way without any heat on.
    Heat melts your cheese. ;^)
    Hi Larry, yes it's a MES 40 that I smoked the Cooper in.
    I see you are from Kingston. I'm from up the road In Pittston. good to see someone from close to home on here.
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