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  1. abetheham

    First Time Burnt Ends

    Mother’s Day and my wife’s birthday always fall on the same week/weekend. Lucky for me, her favorite meal is smoked brisket so that’s what she gets every year. I have always smoked the brisket whole in the past, but I’ve always wanted to try burnt ends so I figured I’d give it a shot this time...
  2. heavyd4561

    Packer Brisket smoked on the Lang

    Good afternoon, wanted to share my Brisket cook. Came out great 14lb Superior Angus Packer from Restaurant Depot Pepper, salt, garlic, onion, oregano rub 100% Applewood splits no charcoal Lang 36 Patio 5 hours at 300 degrees
  3. gmc2003

    Brisket Flat and Boston Butt

    I guess in the smoking world one must learn to roll with the changes. It started off a little overcast here with the occasional light drizzle. So I decided to fire up the WSM and start a butt and a flat that I had defrosted. Then about an hour or so into the smoke it started raining cats and...
  4. J

    Recommendations for my first Brisket

    Hello, I am wanting to make a brisket this weekend and it will be my first one. I am looking for recommendations on how to cook it on my Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker. I have a rub ready and will apply it and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The brisket I have is a cut around 3.75 lbs I got at...
  5. conchrepublican

    Brisket in my MES

    Hi guys! Longtime lurker here . . . I love my MES, it fits my lifestyle well and I have a lot of recipes down cold and get much praise for my ribs and fatty. That said, I can't seem to make brisket work - it's seems too dry. But, like a Kenny Rogers song, my wife believes in me . . . and...
  6. radioguy

    Wet aging brisket??

    I'm wondering how many of you age your brisket in the refer? I just read a thread that got me thinking about aging brisket. I'm just talking about buying it in a cryo pack and letting it "wet" age. Is there any advantage? It it worth it? I get most of my briskets from Costco, prime. I'm...
  7. loosechangedru

    Freezing multiple briskets

    Found a decent enough deal on briskets, and I was thinking to buy 3-4. I read somewhere on here to wait 30-45 days after it was packed to open the cryo-vac packaging. A) can anyone confirm that? And B) Should I wait and then freeze? Thanks in advance! I will repay in brisket qview 3-4 times...
  8. JJS

    First smoke of the year

    It’s Finally warm enough to fire up the smoker so I picked up a brisket last night, seasoned it up and threw her in the smoker at 5am. Kept it simple on the rub, kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Smoker is running 245-250 Smoked 5# of cheese last night, have 2 pork...
  9. loosechangedru

    Overnight brisket

    Here goes a 12.5 lb choice packer into the WSM. I used a rub with cocoa powder, salt/pepper, garlic, onion, chili powder, coriander, and a little brown sugar. I'm hoping this one turns out better than previous briskets - finger's crossed! Went in at about midnight with pecan and hickory @ 235*...
  10. J

    Brisket Stall Help

    I’m new to smoking and I have a problem smoking briskets. I own a Master Built 40” electric smoker. I’ve done multiple pork shoulders, ribs, and chicken/turkey legs and they’ve all came out amazing. However, I’ve tried briskets twice and I’ve ran into the same problem. The first time I smoked a...
  11. SmokinAl


    I usually check the briskets at Walmart when I go there, cause sometimes they mix in Choice with the select for the same price. I saw this little guy & just bought it, not really knowing what I was going to do with it. I had a UMAi bag left over from when I dry aged a whole ribeye, so...
  12. dragonslayer

    Let's talk size

    Thinking about a propane tank offset smoker. I am looking for the approximate number of briskets I could fit on a 250 gal./500 gal./1000 gal.? Anyone have a good feel for this?
  13. Brisket Nerd

    Most recent Brisket Cook!

    Just wanted to post a few pics from the most recent brisket I made. Cooked on my offset smoker using post oak logs and hickory chunks. Seasoning was just kosher salt/pepper. Cheers!
  14. J

    Brisket problems

    Hi first post and looking for a little advice. I've cooked about 5 small briskets (I'm in the uk and they are pretty small and usually just have the flat on them which is the less fatty portion if I'm correct?) and they have all come out as tough as old boots. I'm trying to work out what I'm...
  15. T

    Brisket Moist and Juicy at slicing, then dried out!

    Just finished my first Brisket using the BBQ GuruPit Viper on my WSM 22". Wrapped and spritzed the brisket at 160, took it off at 203 per Aaron Franklin, let it rest 1 hour....Great crust, moist and juicy to slice, but serving the slices at table was another story. We're a sit-down, knife and...
  16. smokechump

    Wrapping brisket vs stove

    Hello I understand that many believe that brisket should be wrapped around 165-175 degrees. If I am wrapping my brisket, is there a reason to keep it in the smoker or just putting it in the stove (wrapped) at the same temp? I think stove has significantly more stable temperature and better...
  17. ragsbbq

    Cold weather brisket

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Planning on smoking a 11 lb brisket Sunday night into Monday on my 22.5 WSM. It’s going to get down into the teens over night here in western ny, and just wondering how the cold will effect my cook? I normally use the minion method (10-12 lit briquettes), and my...
  18. S

    Help! Brisket Questions!

    So, newbie here so if I'm not following certain forum rules, I apologize! I've only smoked one brisket and it was a few years ago so I'm basically having to learn the basics all over again and have a few (most likely subjective) questions. I will he smoking 2 briskets (9# and 11#). First, I...
  19. Preacher Man

    9 lbs Packer Brisket and Chuck Burnt Ends QView

    Found a cute little 9 lbs Packer that I'm smoking for company tomorrow. I'm also throwing on a chuck roast to cube up for burnt ends. The plan is 225° with mesquite until tender. I'll wrap with butcher paper sometime between 165°-175°. Company asked what time supper was and I told them, "When...
  20. fensterbos

    Refrigerator at ~41° F - Brisket & Duck Bacon

    I hate to have my first post a question and probably one that is asked a lot but there is a lot riding on this. I picked up a (beautiful) brisket at Restaurant Depot on Wednesday and immediately put it in my fridge. I went down there earlier today and noticed that there was a bit of a smell...
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