Zesty Rubbed Butt

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Dec 25, 2010
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Been wanting to do this for while now.

Being its just the 2 of us (sometimes 4 with our good friends) i only do small butts. The butcher will cut one in half for me.

This one is 3.44lbs so it should not take long to smoke on the kettle. The rub is Jeffs.



Rub in the zesty really good. Not many nooks and crannys on this small butt.

Apply the rub. Dont rub it in or it will all clump up. Pat the rub on.
Leaving the fat cap on so i can cook fat side up and the meat gets moist.

Cover and in the fridge for 2-3 hrs.

I like that zesty dressing . Good stuff . I'll second Brian's comment . Last small one I did in that size range took around 9 hours .
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Sounds like a god plan Rick. Awaiting the finished product. I've used that Zesty Dressing on Grilled Chicken and it's very good.
Looks excellent Rick. Let us know how it is with that extra Zesty added to the PP. Great job.
Looks good and tasty.
BTW. For those that like to grill fresh Tuna Steaks. I use Zesty Italian on the fish, but only for 30 minutes.
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