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Who's got the BEST burger recipe?

troy fuller

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I am more of a beef purist.  80/20 beef/fat mixed (by hand) with some plenty of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.  ½lb patties (possibly 1/3, but no smaller) and cooked to medium rare over charcoal or wood fire (if using gas, include some sort of flavor/smoke pouch).  They will flame up, but as long as it is fairly controlled the flame won’t hurt anything.  Now the rest of the story:
  1. LET the beef rest for around 10 minutes (if you like cheese, put the cheese on while hot and let it melt while the meat is resting.  I recommend good cheddar).
  2. The bun can be important too.  I like slightly toasting Hawaiian bread buns as the sweetness is a perfect blend to the savory meat.
  3. Put some coleslaw on the bottom bun.  Use a homemade slaw that is like KFC’s recipe (copycat recipes are all over the web).
  4. Finally slather a little of your favorite BBQ sauce on the top bun before assembling the final sandwich.


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I'm normally pretty simple with my burgers.  I make some decent sized pattys, I use garlic salt and pepper on them, and when I flip them, I put green chile, bacon and cheese on them and shut the grill lid so that the cheese becomes all melty and good with the added benefit of helping to keep the chile and bacon on the patty.  I also toast the buns.  Sometimes simple just works.  If I had a meat grinder, I would use that too as others have stated that they do ITT.  But I don't have one so I am at the mercy of others.


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When I go to Costco and get a 3  pack of Ribeyes, I take the centers out for steaks, and use the outside ring of fat and meat (They're huge) ground up for burgers.

Sometimes use  just ribeye meat(PURE RIBEYE BURGER!!), sometimes mix with chuck, flank steak, or even beef rib meat.

Granulated garlic, kosher salt, pepper... Sauteed mushrooms if i'm in the mood...

Well, that's my favorite anyways, but they all sound good!!!! NOW I'M HUNGRY!!!


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Geez Jim, Ribeye burger, WOW that sounds AWESOME!!!


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Passed down from my Dad and the only way the family likes burgers anymore. Take two patties (or use a Stufz) and a generous slice of Bermuda onion - put the slice onion on one patty and cover with the other patty and seal the edges real good. Salt and pepper and grill. Easy but so good.  Also have had success with smoking the burgers first and than finishing on a hot grill.


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Not going to claim to be a burger expert, but the wife and I got tired of paying top dollar for premade patties at the butcher shop so we got our own patty press.  So far the money has been  100% ground chuck from a store that sells damn good meat.  For regular patties I mix it with Lowry's season salt or sea salt and course ground black pepper.  We've also done ground chuck mixed with blue cheese crumbles and diced, cooked, smoked bacon.  We always keep diced chiles, sliced tomatos, thin cut onions and avacado on hand for toppings.  Sometimes I saute' up some mushroom slices in butter and worsteshire for an added kick.  Good beef pattys deserve the right toppings to make things even better.  Jalepeno - chedder are next for me this weekend...


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I have to give credit to my brother for this recipe. It's simple but they are juicy and tasty. It must be good if it has beer in it - right? Best if made the night before grilling.

Guinness burgers

2 lbs minced beef

6 scallions, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

4 fl oz Guinness

1/2 teaspoon mustard powder

Salt & Pepper

Another simple yet flavorful burger is this one made with turkey mince.

Turkey Patties with Thyme

1 1/2 lb turkey mince

1 small red onion, finely chopped

small handful of fresh thyme leaves

2 tablespoons of lime flavored olive oil.

Salt & Pepper


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Bob's Burger bomb

2 lbs 80 \ 20 ground chuck, seasoned to your taste

 Add 1 egg , 3 tbsp steak sauce and 1\3 cup instant potatoes.

Mix well and form 4 - 1\2 lb patties.

Grill ,fry or smoke to your level of done .

 Top w\ 4 strips of bacon , sauteed mushrooms and onions then top w over easy fried egg.

 Top this w\ shredded sharp cheddar cheese and a good spoonfull of chilli.

 Heartburn pills not included!
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A buddy turned me on to this one and its very easy. Take 1lb ground beef of your choice and add 1lb of hot Italian sausage. Form into patties and cook on grill. Top as you please. I like mine with Pepperjack cheese.


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I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to add another to this list. Take 1 lb ground beef, 1 cup shredded cheese (I usually use cheddar, but I'm sure just about any would work, depending on your tastes), 1 packet of ranch dressing mix, and mix it all together. Form patties and grill to desired doneness. Delicious and easy.

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I've always been pretty simple with my burgers, and my family loves them.  I use 80/20 ground beef, patty in 1/3 lb patties, fairly wide and not too thick, so when they shrink up they are just slightly larger than the average burger bun.  I just dump a few shakes of worcestershire on them, then I put ground sea salt and ground pepper on top.  Then, I just grill them hot and pretty quick so they turn out (hopefully) medium.

I also like to slice a sweet onion and set the rings on the grill while I cook.  Nice sear marks and it softens them up.  They are good enough to eat plain, IMO.  Pepper jack cheese and buttered/toasted buns finish them off and they are goooood.

chef jimmyj

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I grew up in a Butchers House..."Put anything you want ON a hamburger, but put anything IN it and you're eatin' MEATLOAF!" Dad was very serious when it came to meat....Half pounder 80/20, S&P only then grilled or griddled med/rare,slice of sweet onion, three strips bacon (or more if wife isn't looking), ex-sharp Cheddar AND sharp American (I use Cooper Sharp), and a "shmear" of horseradish laced mayo'. Oh yeah...a slice of Tomato IF they are in season in PA. Now I'm hungry!...JJ
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