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Kevin DeShazo

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Nov 7, 2018
Ive had an AMNPS tray sitting in the pantry the past couple years, saw a recipe I had to try that required a tray or tube, recipe coming soon.

All I have to say is how in the heck have I have not used this thing sooner.

I only filled one row of the tray as I only needed smoke for 2 hrs. I pulled the fill tube of the MES out all the way and it smoked for the entire two hrs with some apple pellets.

Didnt need the smoke any longer, figured putting the chip tray back in would starve it for oxygen and it would burn out, nope, kept going for another hour and a half, two hours.

Finally pulled it out so I could cover the smoker back up and still had an inch or so left to smolder through.

I tasted the start of the product after a rest and such a great taste, nice apple smoke.

Stay tuned, recipe and pict(s) coming soon.
I love mine. I have the tray and 12” tube. I do wish I would have got the smaller tube but it works. When I had my MES I did the same with the chip loader and left it halfway out.
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