Whitewater WV Style

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Master of the Pit
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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Hey all,just got back from another wonderful trip to the mountains of WV.Took the whole family on a whitewater rafting trip down the New River.This was my fifth trip down the New and Gauly Rivers and I finally found out what it is like to be thrown from a moving raft into a rageing river.So now Im a first time swimmer.That kinda fast water will do funny things to the human body,im sore as hell,but I guess thats what happens to us old folks when we try to act young again.So to relax today Im gonna fire up the smoker and do a couple of chickens. some fatties,some ABT's and anything else I can find around here that aint moving to fast for my sore tired ol body to catch.Ill post some pics of us on thr river soon.I love WV,youall outta check it out if you ever get a chance.David
Hey Brother Dave,

When I feel really sore I like to take an alcohol rub. I take mine internally and it sure seems to work better that way :D .

Sounds like you had a good trip and I know with all the hours you have been putting in on the job it was a well deserved one.
Hey, Dave!
Good to see you had a great time and that you are now back in smokin'n postin' mode! You have been missed here! I am now taking an internal alchohol rub due to a sore body. But I earned my aches today shoveling about eight tons of hot asphalt! You had more fun earning yours!
Glad to see you back to posting Brother Dave!
The whole crew
Hey, Dac!

Looks like you had a real blast! Welcome back.

I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for my vacation to Hilton Head, SC. I can't wait. Coincidentally, I'll be driving straight through WVa along I-77,
Sooo...whoat I'm thinking is, how's about smokin' up a little something yummy and set an extra place at the table for a road weary brother?!? I'll bring the beer...

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