I still kickin, not dead yet.

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Feb 18, 2015
HI all friends I know! Sorry for being a stranger for a while. Life got wild and lost some time. Cliff notes version: moved to Colorado, have one grand baby, another on the way, mom totally her car, MIL heading to assisted living etc, etc. Life happened. Some good, some fast moving rapids. most of you have been there, if you haven’t You will one day.

smokin, just a little less. Winters are 8200 ft are cold AF. Sourdough cooks the same here as at half the elevation, meats smoke about the same time.

try to be more active. Hope everyone is doing well! Missed the crew
Good to hear from you! We understand about life happening... give hugs and say I love you to all your loved ones... we just never know.

Nice to see you're back. Glad no one got hurt, just the car. Like John Lennon sang: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Stay positive.
Glad you're back and the family is healthy!
And congrats on the grand(s) as they are a true blessing.
Now get busy with some cookin'!

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Glad to hear you and your mom are still amongst us!

Just FYI the pellet should work well at that elevation as should it when it’s cold…..but might have to put a welding blanket over it for the real cold days!

On and yes life happens and priorities change but you still got to eat right?
Great to hear from you Dave! It been a bit of a wild ride here also. I lost Gretchen which has been really hard. Having a hell of a time with my hands. Been waiting almost 3 months to get into doctor and today's the day! Just keep on trucking the best we can.
Glad to see you back David. Totally understandable, stuff happens. The key is how you deal with it while remaining positive. Hang in there!
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Thank you all for the kind wise words! Really means a lot!

Welcome back. Saw you posted the other day.
How's the ankle or leg or whatever you turned into a jigsaw puzzle?
Yeah life does happen. Chile chilerelleno chilerelleno said it best.
The leg - sheesh…three surgeries and two years later it Works like it should. The only residual issue is my knee gives me grief often, but it passes after a couple beers - so it’s good enough. I am looking forward to medicare to replace both of them bahahah…I hope. Rehabbing the whole thing back to life was hellish. Best advice you cant usually take, mess yourself up when you are young and recovery is faster.(JK).
Welcome back! Forums are a crazy thing. If you belong to more than one and you have a full time job, look out, its hard to visit them all the time!
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