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Where to buy brisket in the Asheville area?

Discussion in 'North Carolina Members' started by jaypatrick, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Anyone have comments on where to get good beef in the Asheville area?
  2. Nobody?
  3. schlotz

    schlotz Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Maybe check out The Chop Shop Butchery ?
  4. Thanks for your reply, schlotz. I've been to them before, and they're good at what they do .. but I recall them being on the higher end of the spectrum. Not that I'm not willing to pay accordingly for a good cut of meat - I'd just like to see if anyone else in my area has experience with a store that has a reputation for good cuts at reasonable prices.
  5. I see you're in fairview, I saw a place advertising on cane creek road for local source of meat, I can't remember the name or what they had. I remember that it had a place to eat there also.
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  6. Cool - thanks, I’ll look into that!
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  7. Do you have a Costco? I have Sams but I'm all but done shopping them. I hate their poultry and even their ribs are more expensive than my grocery store. The only thing I would consider now is a beef loin.
  8. We've got Sams Club - which I used to shop, and could get fairly decent brisket packers .. but we let the membership lapse.
  9. I don't know what's happened to Sams. Early on it seemed worth it to pay for that membership but I don't think we are going to re-up. Their chicken is rubbery, they don't have a good spread of beef except I do like the cowboy ribeye haha. The other day, I couldn't believe that their ribs (2 in a pack) cost more per pound than Walmart. You would think it would be even cheaper since buying bulk.

    I have a Kroger and for the first time ordered a rib roast from the butcher there. I'm going to see what else I can get from them b/c it's slim pickings for me too. Often I've found out that grocery stores have butchers and I didn't realize that they take orders and all that.

    In fact, the butcher game me their cell number so I can call direct in the future. I'm seriously thinking of having them grind up a roast for burgers. I just need to find out which roast is best to use. I should buy a brisket since I can't smoke one for crap hahah
  10. lol .. well, I just got back from visiting my Mom .. hometown of Lake Jackson TX. The HEB (regional TX grocer) had an unbelievable selection of beef .. especially brisket. I guess I'm going through withdrawal .. seeing all that smoker bait ;)
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  11. Went to see my sister in law in Texas a few years ago and really enjoyed the heb!
  12. Bigun94

    Bigun94 Newbie

    i've had some good luck at walmart lately on steaks. it's actually part of their long term grocery business strategy to improve their steak offering as a loss leader to drive folks into the store
  13. Bigun94

    Bigun94 Newbie

  14. Thanks Bigun94! Yep, good folks up in Burnsville .. my daughter lives up there ;)