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  1. DalTron Printing

    3D Printing and Designing for a local Butcher

    I run a small 3d design and printing service and there is local butcher who I want to make designs for, but I don't know what might be useful. I've talked to them and they like the idea, but they haven't thought of anything that they would want/need. I'm not trying to push anything down their...
  2. jaypatrick

    Where to buy brisket in the Asheville area?

    Anyone have comments on where to get good beef in the Asheville area?
  3. P

    Where do you get your lamb

    This is a topic that has driven me positively mad for a few years now. I live in SD. A land full of livestock. We have a great butcher shop in my small town. But they don't carry fresh cuts of lamb. They have to order it in frozen. Here's the irritating part. Right here in my area is one of...
  4. S

    Butcher talk - ordering brisket in foreign country

    Hello all- Been smoking meats for some time in the states and recently moved to Poland with my family. Long story short, bbq restaurants are non-existent here in terms of what Americans think of and we are in the middle of planning to open our own. At any rate, while tweaking and translating...