beef brisket

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  1. GreytQ

    Forgot to bookmark a brisket rub recipe. Can you help me find it?

    Well, I could just kick myself! I mustered up the courage to tackle my very first beef brisket the other day. Searched the SMF and found a simple rub that worked out perfectly. I could not be any happier with the results. BUT, I forgot to bookmark the posting and now I can't find it! Augh...
  2. jaypatrick

    Where to buy brisket in the Asheville area?

    Anyone have comments on where to get good beef in the Asheville area?

    First Smoke in the Honduran UDS

    i finally got this UDS ready to work. Simple and basic. Today is the inaugural smoke with a 14# whole briskest. For your East Texas boys...y’all may know of Bodacious. My son is starting at LeTourneau U. In the fall and I picked this rub up while on visit back last Aug. Finally getting to...
  4. Robert Rich

    Aerial Brisket

    Each year, my college buddies get together for a foot ball game. The only bad news is that it's in my hometown, Buffalo NY, and the team we watch is the Bills. This year, it will be extra rough, as we're doing the Monday night game against the Patriots... There will be drinking and crying...
  5. SmokiePokie

    Big Smoke Weekend

    Kids are getting baptized Sunday so we have family coming in town for the occasion. I was initially just going to do a brisket. Bought a small 9 pound packer. Wife asked me to throw two whole chickens on and father in law got excited and bought three racks of baby backs. Needless to say the MES...
  6. capatin awesome

    Attempting a big ole flat

    We have some friend coming in from out of town, so I decided to smoke a brisket, some Mac and cheese, and some chicken quarters. The wife went shopping, and instead of a whole packer, she came home with an 8.5 pound flat. I have 2 delemmas. First, I've never done just a flat, and I just got...
  7. schlotz

    Finally, a brisket everyone liked!

    Like many, brisket has been my nemesis. While I've smoked many that have been acceptable, I never was satisfied that the end result was at least a 9 out 10. The son-in-law brought me a 13# Wagyu from a Ranger buddy of his (who has gone into raising cattle) and asked me to smoke it. Well, I was...
  8. mdmucf

    First brisket - help

    So I have a master built jams gas vertical smoker that I have had for the past 4 Years. I love brisket but have always been leery of trying it for fear of screwing it up. Our local butcher had it on sale this weekend and I thought it’s time to conquer it but not wanting to spend a ton of...