To soak or not to soak?

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Oct 17, 2016
Do you soak your chips or do you not soak your chips? Advantages/disadvantages of soaking and vice versa.
When you smoke wood you get steam not smoke till they dry out. I prefer smoked meat over steamed.:biggrin:
The concept of Soaking Chips goes back to tossing chips of a hot fire, charcoal or wood embers. The wet chips cools the surface of the fire and lets the chips smoke rather than flame up right off. So these wet chips have been used for generations and is useful with wood and charcoal smokers. Now, at some point, the New Fangled Electric and Gas smokers come out and folks keep soaking basically because, " that's the way Dad and Grandpa does it in their smokers. I guess I should soak my chips too..." And soaking just keeps being passed on even though it is not needed in the cooler chip tray of electrics and gassers because even dry chips are not likely to flair up ...JJ

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