Tired of old man winter ready for some heat!

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Oct 4, 2012
Bend Oregon

Yeah it's time for some heat! Unfortunately more cold and snow in the forecast.

12" of fresh snow since yesterday.

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I just looked outside and I don't like what I see. Dogs are looking at me wondering when I'm going to shovel a path for them! Both are protesting going out until I do!

School district just cancelled school, as did the rest of Central Oregon.
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My dog refuses to go out to pee unless it's getting painful...     When I say, "Go pee" and I open the door, she runs to the other room...    very smart dog.... 
70º yesterday, 36º this morning, chance of light snow flurries for Saturday then back up in the 70's   That's Texas

I'll be glad to swap some for some of your snow (we have 30"). We woke up this morning with almost an inch of ice. I have used almost 50 lbs of salt and almost able to get in one of our trucks. A real slow process clearing a walkway.
Supposed to get up to 38 today and back into the teens tonight. Won't be much melting today.
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Crazy weather, I have my shirt off & a fan blowing on me!

High 70's today here & very humid!

I'm bundled up with insulated coverhauls, a knitted ski mask, double pair of gloves, double insulated shirt jackets, insulated hat with ear flaps, insulated boots and my hoodie pulled up over my head to plow the snow drifts from the driveway...   I suppose you guys are jealous...   HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....
Stay warm guys

Finished my vacation seeing most of my kids.

Drove almost 800 miles in pouring rain.

You guys just keep that Crap on the West Coast !!

It seems to be your turn this year !!!

The older I get the less I like Temps below Zero, and Snow!!! 

We just finished today's shoveling. Only another 12".
The wife and I helped shovel out several neighbors and the community mailbox.

We're running out of places to put snow. Usually it melts off between snow storms but it's been to damn cold this year.

Starting to remind me of the Great Lakes region!




One benefit to the snow, we don't have to chill the booze!


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We haven't had much snow (yet) but the temps are nuts. In the 50s two days ago and 26 for a high today. Single digits later this week and back to the 40s next week. I'm getting dizzy....
I love the cold but hate snow. Why love the cold... Because in my opinion nothing beats pan fish, walleye, and pike that have been caught through the ice. I went in for the snip snip surgery last week and don't feel like going yet but soon enough..( maybe I'm sharing to much with you people) lol I'm not bashful. Currently 5*f
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