Time For A Steak: Blackened Porterhouse (W / Pics)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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Been doing a lot of different types of meals recently and decided it was time for a good ol' steak. Got a 1 1/2 pound Porterhouse out of the freezer and set about putting together some other things as it was defrosting.

When I make bacon I run the "scraps" through the food processor and chop them into crumbles. They are vac sealed and frozen then when we need bacon bits I fry up a couple pounds, drain, and put in the fridge so we have bacon bits.

Our friend David ( DRKsmoking DRKsmoking ) has been doing some interesting stuff with taters recently so thought I'd mix things up a bit. Homemade garlic mashed taters with diced jalapeno, bacon bits, and cheddar cheese. Kind of mess in the bowl though.

Mix it all up and into a CI skillet then more cheese on top with some GBP

The steak. 1 pound 8 ounce Porterhouse

A nice dose of my recently created dirt rub

Mashed tater casserole on the grill

Steak on the grill over the sear burner. Medium heat so running about 800 degrees

Steak all done. Got a nice char on it

Taters all done. Man I like the way these look.

Steak and taters plated with a basic salad

Money shot

Recently I've done Mexican, Italian, German, smoked brisket, and it was time to get back to basics. Hard to beat a big ol steak and some taters. We loved the steak but that mashed potato casserole was to die for. Absolutely outstanding and the star of the show. I say that only because we are accustomed to the steaks but this was a whole new approach to doing potatoes and we both loved it. Not gonna be the last time I do it this way, that's for sure. Actually we are looking forward to having friends over and sharing this with them. All in all another quick but gratifying meal. I'll take those almost any day.

Well y'all take care, stay safe, and be well. I have no clue what may be up my sleeve for the next few days but hopefully I can come up with something interesting.

Oh hell yeah Robert that is an absolutely beautiful steak man! Perfect char and nice pink center. I mean hard to beat that. And the tater casserole looks delicious! You nailed that meal my friend!
Man I'm with you on time to have a steak . I'm way over due .
Great looking meal . I like that bacon trick .
You nailed it again! Love them taters for sure! Steak looks perfect as well!

Robert nice to mention me .
But its all you my friend , that is a great looking cast iron pan of goodness.

And of coarse the steak. Nothing else to say , but we all know you enjoyed that plate of fine food

Holy Moly that looks good. Perfectly cooked steak and 'to die for' taters!
Love the way you present your cooks, Robert.
Crushed it! That looked insane! Everything was perfect, but you got me excited to make an attempt at those potatoes. Thank you for sharing!
Hell Yeah! Great meal! Beautiful steak and the tators look fantabulous! Dirt rub eh? You post that recipe somewhere? I must have missed it. Looks interesting...
Nailed the med/rare on that steak. I love the CI Cheesy Taters! I just happen to have a pack of some totally awesome Texas Bacon a friend sent.😉...JJ
Hell Yeah! Great meal! Beautiful steak and the tators look fantabulous! Dirt rub eh? You post that recipe somewhere? I must have missed it. Looks interesting...

Here you go...JJ

Here you go...JJ

Yup, that's good stuff. But, I believe Robert, being the mad scientist that he is, created his own after using Nat the cat. I use Nat on steaks and burgers. Adds a great flavor.
Robert, that steak looks phenomenal, cooked perfectly for our tastes. And those potatoes, what's not to love about those??

Ain’t nothing wrong with that plate! I love steak and potatoes. Your twist on it is as usual excellent.
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