temp problems any ideas? (pics included)

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Jul 16, 2007
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i have a self built RF smoker  that until this year  i just put 1 digital thermometer in the center of the meat rack to gauge  my temps, however new this year i installed 2  temp gauges in the lid of the smoker ,my smoker is 32 inch wide and i have the gauges  17 inches apart from each other  during yesterdays smoke i ran into this problem......... temp dials didnt match each other  nor did they match the Taylor digital(tested in ice water at 36deg)  do you think this is a actual heat problem or faulty gauges ? (i  took it the dial gauges were off and went with the digital  reading and it took my brisket 18 1/2 hrs to finish)

left side gauge


center of the box the temp is  the 221 the other is just a high limit temp


right side of box

here is a full pic of smoker and its location, i say that  with the thoughts of one side being 4ft from house vs the other side on open yard  could it be a draft prob but watching the smoke they both seem pretty equal on flow??

Wish we could see inside the smoker. If the heat just enters the back in the middle then goes out the exhaust on each side I think it must be the therms are not reading right. It would seem that the center therm would be the highest and each side would be a little lower but about equal.
After seeing the pics, I think it must be the therms are not accurate. It looks like you should be getting even heat flow throughout the smoke chamber.
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