Camp Chef XXL Pro Temperature Control Help!

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Apr 8, 2024
I'm brand new to this forum, and came here specifically to ask this question.

I have a Camp Chef XXL Pro. I've had it for a little more than a year, and have not used it a lot. From the beginning, I noticed that the thermometer that controls the smoker temperature reads significantly lower than the actual temperature in the box. I confirmed this using multiple thermometer sources. This, of course, results in the box being cooler than desired. The issues seems to have gotten worse with time. Last weekend, I had to set the smoker at its max 350 degF to get the box up to 225 degF.

I have not yet, but will, clean the thermometer. Is there anything else to do to help? I love the way this smoker works, except this now major issue.
Cleaning the temp prob is the first thing I would do. After doing this if you still have a big difference Id call Camp Chef's tech support. They may be able to get you a new probe or controller if they deem that the issue.

Some difference is expected but not a huge one.
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Howdy and welcome to the forum from New Mexico.

I have the XXL Pro and the temp was always way off.
So the first thing I did was to replace the controller with an aftermarket controller - The Savannah Stoker.

You may not need to do that if it is just your issues is just with the RTD, but it is an option.
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