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Original poster
Apr 3, 2024
Hi everyone! Brand new to this forum, and have only smoked once or twice before (and on a cheap bullet smoker). I’ve recently purchased the char griller duo, and attached the side fire box! I’m super keen to get my first smoke going, however have noticed the fire box hangs significantly lopsided. Is there anything anyone has done to fix this?
Also, any other recommended modifications to help with a cook?
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Howdy and welcome to the forum from New Mexico.
Don't have one, but if you could post some pictures, they might help others .
Welcome, from Colorado. Yep, pictures would be helpful for sure. Hopefully you can get it figured out. Can't wait to see your first cook.
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Post up some pics....I'm sure between the masses here we'll get ya up and running in no time.

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Sorry everyone, it won't let me upload photos, so please follow link to my Google Drive where I have the photos
Link is found here- Smoker Photos
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