Super Bowl Brisket!

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Jan 1, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska
Greetings all!  Haven't posted here in a long while, but I've been really really busy in the personal life.

Girls are growing, job is getting busy, etc, etc.

We're looking at purchasing a new house later on this year, Lord willing.  With that being said, my gift to myself when that happens will be a new smoker.

I got the hankering to do some brisket.

So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and attempt to try Aaron Franklin's butcher paper technique along with smoking some brisket for the Super Bowl for the fam.

I was looking online at way of doing brisket Texas Style, and I noticed he wrapped the meat in butcher paper instead of foil.

Just S & P on the meat (1:1 ratio), nothing fancy.

I'm also going to spritz with beef broth mixed with apple juice - to give it a beefy but sweet taste to it as well.

Here's a few pics to get us started...

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Slight change of plan.  When I tasted that broth, was overly beefy.

I don't want the brisket to taste like the broth, I want the broth to taste like the brisket!

So, I wussed out and went to an alternate of my original - apple juice mixed with a bit of cider vinegar (2:1 parts).

I'll have to try the broth on a chuckie or something.
Seven hours in, took a while (it's really cold here,

Wrapped in butcher paper at 150.  This is prior to me wrapping:

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Nice brisket Thumbs Up , wish I could reach out and get a nibble. Great job, enjoy the game and that brisket :drool. WHB
Okay, all.  Apparently the smoker gods weren't looking in my favor tonight, LOL

Just too tired to finish it on the smoker.  I had to pull that brisket off the smoker and finish it in the oven
.  Never had to do that before.

It (the smoker) wasn't acting right and I was too tired (and it is too cold) for me to deal this evening, LOL...

On the plus side - I threw enough of a hissy fit that if I show up with a new smoker, the wife won't be surprised

The paper had it at 150 for way too long.  I know it wasn't a stall.  Probably used the wrong kind of paper, I did.

Did learn a few things tonight:

1.  I barely (maybe once) used any mop for the brisket.


3.  Old smoker is on its last legs.  Sigh.

4.  Without a very thick walled body smoker....don't smoke meat with the Lowe's special in freezing temperatures

5.  Aaron Franklin is the man.  I'd heard of using just the salt/pepper, but dang.  The brisket is wonderful!

6.  Started too late in the day.  My original plan was to start at 10 am - I didn't start until 2.

In any case, here's the finished product (and it tastes darn good, too!)

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Mmmm, that looks excellent!! I'm a big fan of the Aaron Franklin method, too, Although what I read said that he wraps the brisket in butcher paper for an hour after it's done and off the smoker, not while it's still cooking. 

Anyway, great job and best of luck with getting a new smoker!!
Looks awesome, would never know ya had any problems as it looks very tasty. Nice smoke ring and looks juicy Thumbs Up. WHB
Can I come by your house?  The brisket looks delicious to me, well done & congrats!  
Thanks for all the comments and compliments, folks!

The brisket was a grand success!  It was gone pretty fast (like the Broncos were).

Nobody had anything better to do while watching the meltdown, so they apparently ate.  I was able to get a slice early on Sunday morning, but as I went to go get ice and come back, the brisket was gonzo!

Made me feel really good that all my hard work paid off!
Thanks for your advise and great pics...wish I had been there to chow on that tasty slab!  I'm still a newbie, and have been too intimidated to try a brisket so far, but seeing your pics makes me want to give it a try! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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