still trying to post pictures

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That's definitely a picture..yep.. I saw one once and it looked a lot like that. Just a tad too big, but you're gettin there
Yes sir, its way too big, I will keep trying.
lets try again. Ok, its not my smoker, its me, and the picture is too small,(I almost said I'm too small, its true, but I don't like to hear it) I will keep trying, at least I'm gaining!

one last time before I give up. Ok, I give up. Cascadedad, I did resize them as you suggested but all I can post is the thumbnail.
I would like to get a normal sized picture like most people post.

To Squeezy, you don't need to chain a junkyard dog to that smoker. It just spells HERNIA...
Yeh guys, its a tad bit heavy, I moved it in there with my front end loader. Its truely amazing what I can lift with one hand! I must be frickin superman.
The wood behind the smoker is not for smokin, its, fir and larch, we heat the house with wood. Terry
Ok, Joe gave me more help, lets try it again.

Now, if this don't work, its Joe's fault! If, on the other hand, it does work, I must be REALLY smart.

WOW, it worked! Dang Joe, I think I owe ya a case of your favorite beer!
Thanks Gypsy, at the rate that Montana is on fire, I doubt I will get faith full old, "Chaowsey" fired up before Oct at the earliest. I do have a propane smoker and I think it is still legal. I will try to post a few pictures. They might be from Famous Dave's, but by God, you will see pictures.
Terry And to all that helped me here. THANK YOU
1.24 million acres of montana burning.... i'd just put meat on a stick & sit out in the yard.....hope they get all that under control soon- ya could always fed-ex some texas rain up there.... they got plenty.
Glad it worked for ya Terry. I would've hated to take the blame for yet another disaster
... Happy Postin Terry
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