Spicy jerky, new toys, new flavors

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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
Three bottom round roasts, three different flavors, three new toys used!!
HiMtn regular, Inferno, Bourbon barbecue
Used the brand new slicer, worked like a champ
once I get the meat back to semi-frozen condition. They thawed out too much by the time I got to them Saturday. Once done slicing, used my new digital kitchen scale.

Split the meat and dry rubbed three different batches.
Sunday, loaded up the new dehydrator with some of each, mostly the smaller pieces of each batch. Fired up the little electric smoker with some cherry. All came out good, but off the smoker it's absolutely hands down the best. The inferno has a REALLY nice kick to it. Sorry, pc at home is on the fritz so no pics (of what's left). Guy here at work said it's the best jerky he's ever had!!
SHell -

Sounds great! Inferno huh? Was it salty? I only used one mix and it was so salty I couldn't eat it. Always afraid to try those mixes.
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