Jerky Show & Tell (4 ways!)

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Culinary Otter

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Jan 1, 2024
Alberta, Canada
A few weeks ago my sausage making partner asked me how to make jerky, borrowed my (unused) jerky gun and went off to the races. Brings it in to work all the time and I gotta admit for a pre-mix, he does a good job. After talking about it, I figure I need to get back into the game after being off the bench for at least a decade.

So it hit -40 here tonight. I've cancelled plans for the week and am hunkering down. Working on the DIY curing chamber, although I still needed to scratch my jerky itch. Initially had plans for cold smoked chops this weekend but ol' ma nature decided that was not in my horizon.

So, as one would do, I pulled some rounds out of the freezer.

IR beef on the left, moose EoR on the right


Went with a super simple marinade on the moose, and cut it with the grain. Jerky is a soul food for me, I remember being a kid and pulling out a slab of jerky from the locker on the porch, and chewing it until supper time. Hoping to re-create that.


Upgraded the slicer, but unfortunately, can't figure out how to take it apart, so the $50 Nesco to the rescue. I can't say I was disappointed.


Batch #1

I mess around with flavors so if you're a jerky purist. scroll down or maybe just close the tab...

Caesar Jerky:




Other half was a spicy Caesar, same recipe except with banana pepper brine, a bit of Horseradish, and Crytsal.

Down to the most ridiculous batch:

One of my best memories of my salad days - my best friend's dad was a game warden. Every time his folks came to visit, they brought Elk meat, so for $1.99 we made "Elk Helper". There's something so salty and wrong about hamburger helper that I just freaking love to this day, so wanted to recreate it in a jerky stick...




80/20 ground which I normally wouldn't use, but think it's going to work, and I'm going to make sticks. Macaroni and cheese powder, nutritional yeast, and a little tomato paste. Thanks for listening to my TED talk.
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I'm in as well! Sounds just different that I'd like... kinda like a peanut butter, pickle, and lettuce sandwich!

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You got my attention. Big time! I've had moose jerky. And speedies. Loved it.
And I'm really intrigued with the Caesar mix. I'm a bloody Mary junkie!
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Wel I'm working all night....So I'll be waiting.


Snuck one thin piece for sampling. The spicy Caesar turned out great - the little bit of brine I used from the banana peppers really came through (in a good way) which surprised me.

Will definitely make this one again.

The bigger pieces aren't done yet, and the moose is nowhere close. Dropped the temp down to 140 and will just let it go until morning now.
Hamburger Helper snack sticks in!

With the 80/20 mix I didn't want to clean a pool of oil out of the dehydrator so starting them in the combi oven first. Will move them over to the dehy in a couple hours once the fat melts out.




First time using the jerky gun so they're not exactly "commercial uniform" 😂. If I was on a cooking competition show I'd have to call them "rustic".

Will definitely try making regular burgers with this spice mix too. It was all I could do to not fry up a patty this morning.
Got a good deal on a whole EoR at Costco the other day. Decided to play around with the new slicer and a makeshift recipe.

Beef broth, dark soy sauce, garlic, gochu garu, Tajin seasoning, salt, cure, and lime juice. Peppered after marinating.

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