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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ddbck, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. ddbck

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    My wife suprised me with a smoking request! She asked if I could do ribs like I did a couple weeks ago. St. Louis style ribs I used 3-2-1 method & they turned out phenomenal! The only thing I am doing different is rub, wrap & refrigerate  for 4 hours or so. Using the McCormicks Applewood Rub & apple wood chunks insted of pecan.

    Lol I hear you all loud & clear! I just can't help myself, have to tweak it a bit.

    Just put'em in the CSSV.

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  2. smokinal

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    Sounds like a great start.

    I'm sure she'll like them.

  3. chef jimmyj

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    Twenty seven years with my lovely wife and one of the things I learned...When she says, " Make them like you did last time..." That's code for..." You keep messing with stuff...I really liked them last time and, IF YOU CHANGE A SINGLE THING, you will regret it! ". Sounds good but you're changing the plan from last time...[​IMG]...Good luck...JJ
  4. tropics

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    I'll be watching this LOL

  5. I'm in     and agree with JJ.   I can attest to this with my Breakfast sausage 

  6. ddbck

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    Lol thx all. Made some homemade mac & cheese as well as baked beans & coleslaw. Finished pics coming up.
  7. crankybuzzard

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    I'm ready to see them. Ribs rock.
  8. redheelerdog

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  9. ddbck

    ddbck Fire Starter

    Ribs were a big hit! 

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  10. ak1

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    I can see why. They look great.
  11. I can see why, Look Great  [​IMG]


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