Spare Rib Cook Time: 70 minutes

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May 30, 2007
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Membrane removed, injected, sliced, spiced, refrigerator rested while the grill was fired up, then Vortexed hot & fast.
- LC BBQ/Butt Hurt pork injection
- JDQ BBQ/Spicy BBQ rub
- Fergolicious BBQ/SPG Buttery LUV rub


400°F at the kettles lid with apple wood chunks over the Vortex.


About a half hour into cooking on the 26.75" Weber kettle with a medium Vortex.


Hour and 10 minutes later, the spare ribs were probing tender and the lid temp was reading around 435°.



Made for delicious fast ribs, and leftovers for lunch the next day were also very tasty!
Thanks for looking!
Yeah man, do those look good!
I love doing them this way. They have the perfect bite I look for and sure beats 5.5-6 hours!
I have not injected in the past, have to try that.
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Wow! The Vortex even looks like it puts a different texture on the surface than what I'm used to seeing. Almost looks deep-fried. Oh, sooo good... I hate it when I see stuff like this just before lunch.
Those ribs sure do look good, and that method seems to be catching on pretty quickly.

Point for sure
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Had to give this a try on the Traeger, running at about 410°
I cut them into 2 bone pieces, added a binder and heavy rub
It took 70 minutes to reach over 200° IT and then let them rest in the smoker while it was in "shutdown".
The meat was PERFECT!!! These were as much 'bite off the bone' as I've ever made.
I will be doing this again, and again.

mossymo mossymo

* foil pans used for prep and rest, they stayed on an open grate during cook. (I failed a rub pic)

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