Spachkocked my way..

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Dec 16, 2009
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I've been playing with a different way to do some whole chickens. I was doing the spachcocked thing but I was tired of having ribs and breastbones in the way. I did the all out debone a few times but that left me with a wiggly slab of meat that was hard to tie. Well I kinda went right in the middle and boned out as far as i thought was necessary.

Here i did the spachcock and removed the ribs, breastbone and wishbone but left the thigh, leg and wing bones in to keep a little structure.


Then i seasoned it up with a little dry rub..


Now I bring the wings together and tie them together at the top and bottom. i amusing one piece of string for the whole bird..


Now i bring the string under the wings and down to the legs, wrap the thighs over the wings and tie the legs together.


Now tie up with half hitches just like a normal roast being sure to make yourself a little rope handle..



Now into the smoke sauna for a little TBS therapy.. BTW, I did tuck that wing back in before I went in for good..


Final Q-view to follow..

Sweet Pete.I haven't heard from you in a while and I see that you haven't lost a step. Thats a good looking bird. Now I did see Bob (eman) on facebook the other day he posted a cajun dirty rice recipe that would be really good in that almost bonless bird. I know I'm gonna try it soon.
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Update... My laptop just took a dirtnap. I think it's dead for sure now. Luckily i have my wifes laptop to work with here.

This is a shot at 136 degrees and climbing..


This would take a nice stuffing really well, Mark. I just didn't have the time to prep one today since I am busy with the kids and all...
Wow Pete that is looking great. What an amazing truss you did
Thanks Gary..

It's off at 170 in the thigh and under the foil for a rest. Wife doesn't get home for a few more hours so you'll have to wait for the carved money shots... keep drooling until thenn

Ok, mom didn't eat at work today so this became tonight's meal. I sauteed up some frenched green beans with some sun dried tomatos and a little garlic, cbp and sea salt.


I had a leftover jalapeno popper with mine..


Thanks for all the remarks...
that's a good way to truss a semi-boned out bird..........nice job pete!
Man o Man that really looks like a great meal. I like the idea of boning the whole bird like that. Nice job!
Well the results are in.. This was my third shot at doing basically the same prep with a few variations in flavorings. The big benny is that all the meat cooks at the same time and all the fat stays inside the bird. The breasts were just as juicy and tender as the thighs. There wasn't a spot of dry meat in the whole thing.

I marinated one chicken in a chipotle marinade and tied it up wet. That one came out fantastic and the one before that was grined and it really didn't need to be.

Thanks for the replies and compliments, I hope you all try a spachcock my way! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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