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Discussion in 'Pork' started by pigbark, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. pigbark

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    been breaking the MES 30 in pretty good this week.. Mon. was burger,tues. was Chicken. tonight was Pork Choppers.. the more I use it the better my smokes are turning out with it..I use the AMNPS as the lil chip box would keep me busy lol... I must admit this little gem is starting to rock some flavor..

    very basic - McCormic rub with extra garlic and seasoned salt.

    had the temp set at 225 for this trial- they were at 160 in 1:15 so I cut the temp back to 180 and added some bbq sauce to a few.

    a little bend and peekaboo.

    I am a happy man... They tasted delish and the smoke flavor of the apple/hickory blend was great with the chops...
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    Those look real tasty.  What was the total cook time?
  3. pigbark

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    I ended up backing them down again to 145 and held them there.. total time was 2 hrs 15 minutes as my better half rolled in at 5:30 and I pulled them out and the rest is history.. they are the thinnest meat I have smoked so far and the temp got ahead of me,ill have to slow them down by starting at about 150-160 next time then raising the temp on up... they still had decent moisture inside and a awesome taste for something so basic...

    thanks for looking-


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