Pork Chops- Dry Brined, Smoked and a quick Glaze

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May 13, 2013
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I have made many pork chops over the years, but I always wet brined them. I picked some up last week, I always dry brine my beef and venison, so I thought I would try dry brining pork chops for 24 hours, then smoke and glaze just before pulling off the pit.
Pork Chop 1.jpeg

Trimmed them up
Pork Chop 2.jpeg

Dusted with Salt, White Pepper, and Ground Ginger
Pork Chop 3.jpeg

This morning, quickly started a glaze with White Wine Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Dijon Mustard, EVOO and a small pinch of Cayenne Pepper
Pork Chop 4.jpeg

Added some rub and prepped the PBC to cook at 280 with Post Oak and Apple
Pork Chop 5.jpeg

Into the PBC
Pork Chop 6.jpeg

Spread the glaze on when the IT hit 130 degrees
Pork Chop 7.jpeg

Off the PBC and ready for a 10 minute rest
Pork Chop 11.jpeg

Served with some potatoes and grilled broccoli
Pork Chop 12.jpeg

Moist and flavorful!


After pulling the Pork Chops, I tossed a Spaghetti Squash to smoke, going to make Spaghetti Squash Lasagna later this week.

I really did not notice the difference between dry brining and wet brining. For the simplicity of dry brining, I will probably use it as my go to in the future unless I had a flavor that I wanted to penetrate deep into the Pork Chops.

Thanks for looking!

- Jason


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Looks good, like the glaze.
Thanks Chile, I like keeping it simple
Looks great, the resting pic is a great colour
Nice meal

Thanks David! Pictures were outdoors after the sun went down, lights over the kitchen and not over the table, so the pictures did not turn out as well.
Looks great
Thanks Mike!
Nice looking meal! I like how the pork looks glazed.
Thanks Steve, it was great.
Nice work on those !
Thank you sir!
Great looking meal! Those chops are gorgeous.

Thanks Jim!
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