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So many choices

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I've seen a few, well more than a few people, using several types of salt.
I see people using regular salt, kosher salt, pickling salt and sea salt for curing meat.
I don't know if people use the same salt for wet and dry brines.
I see people use granulated onion and garlic and some use powder form.
Have to be careful with measuring those if you substitute one for the other..

So question is :
Anyone have a favorite salt that they use in their (wet cure brine)?

How about the (dry cure brine)?

Finally, I use kosher for all rubs before smoking.
Anyone use something else?

I have regular sea salt like the small grain table salt. I hope going by weight ,that sea salt is fine to use in everything.


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I use Diamond Crystal Kosher salt for my sausages. Try staying with the same for any kind of curing. For seasoning meat I use sea salt most time as long as it is non iodized


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Morton kosher. Nothing wrong with Diamond but it’s a very different salt with a different result. As you mentioned, I try to stay with what is consistent and works for my taste.


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I just will not use table salt. I am game to try any other kind. usually sea salt is the game plan for me.


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For a wet cure I use canning & pickling salt, because it dissolves easier.
For a dry cure & use Morton's Kosher salt.
I don't use salt in my rub, except on beef, then I use Kosher salt.

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