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  1. S

    Over Salted Corned Beef - Snack Stick?

    I need some ideas for this one. By no means am I a great cook and can and often do screw things up. This time I used Mortons kosher salt in the brine for a brisket. The recipe called for a less dense salt and it's over salted. I used the point for corned beef and the flat for Pastrami. The...
  2. MariaL

    Need a little help. I put #1 curing salt for salami instead of #2

    Hello guys. Im a newbie into this. I want to ask some questions about the curing salt. So I put 5 teaspoon #1 curing salt in 9.039 pounds of meat accidentally. Is it still safe to eat or not? I'm worried about this. So i wouldn appreciate your answers or knowledge to this craft. Thank you so...
  3. D

    Cure for Venison Bologna

    My family and friends in my hometown have been making the same cold-smoked “deer bologna” as we call it for several generations. The recipe calls for 30 lbs of meat/fat, 8 oz salt, 2-3/4 oz. garlic salt, and a few other ingredients for flavor. The mixture is then stuffed into hog casings and...
  4. Cj7851

    First time smoked salt

    Did some smoked salt for the first time. After doing some research I decided to hot some it with apple wood. Ran it for 6 hours at 300°. It turned out really great very noticeable smoke flavor. I already have a million ideas to use it. before (mortons coarse kosher salt) After Airtight...
  5. M

    Cold smoked salt and pepper

    Hi guys, After months of reading on the forum I decided to cold smoke some salt and pepper with hickory I used rock salt , Himalayan salt, and whole peppers. Smoked for 8 -9 hours with hickory I noticed the humidity in the air may have been am issue? How long should I leave before...
  6. kilo charlie

    Vampire Pork

    Since I was already firing up the smoker for pulled pork I figured I'd try a new experiment that I'll call Vampire Pork just because I can. Started with a 50/50 mix of coarse ground black pepper and smoked Kosher salt and a whole mess of garlic cloves. (For easier "peeling" of all those cloves...
  7. B

    Bulk COARSE Spices

    Hello All! I have followed this forum for a while and this will be my first summer smoking! My question is, I want to buy bulk Coarse Salt, Coarse Pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. Anyone have any online stores I can use that won't kill me with shipping? I looked at Costco...
  8. S

    Substitute for pink salt aka prague powder #1 ?

    Hello I plan to make pastrami next week but i can't find any pink curing salt, all i can find is white curing salt and morton tender quick. Is there any subtitute for pink curing salt? Can i use white curing salt or morton tender quick for making pastrami? If so how much should i add? Sorry...
  9. A

    Salt the brisket ahead of time

    Hi, we have a point end cut only brisket of about 2 pounds. Its is still too cold ( and windy ) to do this outdoors, so we will be doing this in the oven. 2 or 3 more weeks from now I'd like to try and smoke the same thing. I've grilled ( and smoked ) many things before but never have I made...
  10. M

    Iodized Salt

    Yes, I know everyone says don't use Iodized salt. But it was all I had left. Can anyone offer a definitive explanation (other than "it may affect the final outcome") on why it should not be used in cultured fermented sausages and back it up with some real evidence? I understand the difference...
  11. Rings Я Us

    So many choices

    I've seen a few, well more than a few people, using several types of salt. I see people using regular salt, kosher salt, pickling salt and sea salt for curing meat. I don't know if people use the same salt for wet and dry brines. I see people use granulated onion and garlic and some use...
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