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Smoking BBRs this Weekend...FOR A GROUP OF WOMEN!!!


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So my wife came to me the other day saying that she is having a bunch of friends over this weekend.  What do they want for dinner?  RIBS!!! MY TYPE OF WOMEN!!!  But here is my issue.  I have only done ribs once, and they turned out pretty good, but the bark was a little thick and my wife didnt like it too much.  I used Billbo's rub, which I think is great, but the bark was very thick. I did not lather with any BBQ sauce during the smoke. Just took out after 2 hours, put in foil with butter and honey, and back into the smoker for 2 more hours. After that, I unwrapped and smoked for 1 more hour. They turned out really good IMO, especially for the first go. But I have a feeling the women are going to want less bark, and more fall off the bone tender meat. Also, maybe a different rub, more of a sweet/hot rub or just smoke without a rub entirely.  Any thoughts or opinions on rubs, timed smoked, or anything else, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


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for fall off the bone ribs go another half hour in the foil and subtract 15 min off the last step.

Here is my rub .It is no salt so if you like salt add  1/8 cup. Add 2 Tbsp cayenne for heat.


don't pack the rub on just s good coating.

I coat ,fridge over night then another light coat of rub before smoking.


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Thanks for the help!  I was thinking about more time in the foil to help get the meat real tender.  And that makes sense, dirtsailor, there is a lot of brown sugar in my rub recipe.  I used Billbo's recipe, but added a good bit more brown sugar to make sweeter for my wife.  Any thoughts on another good rub that has less sugar, but still gives you the sweet/hot taste?


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If you want very tender ribs, add a little bourbon when you wrap them. Don't add too much, I mix 2/3's apple juice to 1/3 bourbon. Doesn't add any alcohol after the second unwrapped smoke but will make them very tender (some judges would say too tender!) My wife likes Red Stag (cherry infused bourbon) and I do too but any bourbon will add a bit of sweet and tenderize by steaming during the wrap.


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