Smokin' Meatloaf

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Sep 7, 2009
Loved Jeff's notes on meatloaf but that is one thing I've been doing since I started this habit and have done a good number of different recipes. I have to admit, however, I don't know why I never thought of using Jeff's sauce in and on it!!! That stuff has made me a hero many times over.

I have a question though and since there seems to be many old hands on line let me ask. Jeff says he smokes this loaf for 4+ hours and as with many things I smoke I am done in about 1/2 that time. I have a gas brinkman and it is always on the lowest of low settings and usually maintains a 225* to 240* all by itself. Why is this stuff cooking so fast?

What am I missing here?

Yeah, meatloaf is one of our favorite smokes, too.

The main thing that comes to mind with your quick cook times is thermometer accuracy.  My guess is that your thermos are registering too low -- and your actual cook temps are higher than your thermos are telling you.  If they are the factory models, they are probably wildly inaccurate.  Check them in boiling water if possible.  My meatloaf cook times are in line with Jeff's at the temps you quote.

Glad your products are pleasing your friends and family, though!  It only gets better as you hone your craft!
What James and Al Said...
Thanks to you all. That is the left coast, the right coast, and the mid section all weighing in with the same response. Gotta be right. If the temp is indeed that high and I'm on my lowest settings I guess i need to alter the chimney to get it down?

Thanks again!

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