Smoked Lasagna

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  1. I decided that it was time to cook a little Italian, so I went to an Italian pre-school... - Oops - wrong story!

    I had a hankering for Lasagna, but the wife said it makes the kitchen too hot to cook in there (she has been saying that a lot these days - wonder why?), so I decided to cook it in my Pellet smoker instead.

    First made some sauce - ground Italian sausage, some ground beef, lots of garlic, cooked down some Romas and Onions and put it all together with some fresh basil, fresh oregano, fresh Thyme, couple of bay leaves, little salt & pepper and a nice merlot.  Cooked that on low for a couple of hours (Yeah, I did have to use the kitchen some)

    Mixed some Ricotta cheese with a few eggs and finely grated Parmesan cheese

    Sliced up some Mozzarella

    Cooked the Lasagna noodles  and started layering in an extra deep Lasagna pan

    3 full layers (sauce, pasta, cheese) and ended with a final layer of pasta, sauce, mozzarella only and grated Parmesan.

    Heat my Memphis Elite up to 250 with Hickory pellets and loaded the lasagna.  I'm figuring 2.5-3 hrs. at 250.  I may boost the temp to 300 later - depends on how it goes.  I'll post photos when it is done.
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    Looking tasty!!! Keep the Q-View coming!!! Cant wait to see how it turns out!!![​IMG]
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    Yea keep us up dated.   Looks good so far.
  4. Great idea, I will have to try this. The cooking a little Italian line got me laughing.
  5. I checked it at 1.5 hrs and it was not getting browned and crispy enough on top, so I cranked the temperature up to 300 for the last 1.5 hours and it was looking good.

    Took it out of the smoker and let it sit for 20 minutes to settle down and make it easier to cut.

    It cut nice - did not fall apart, but still was very moist

    A good slice - ready to eat!

    Overall, it worked well.  Next time I might start at 300 degrees to dry it out a bit more.  And I didn't heat up the kitchen right before dinner!
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    Looks good. I need to try this.
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    That looks awesome... period   .   

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