Skin or No Skin - That is the question...

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Original poster
Oct 13, 2009
Winter Park, FL
I just purchased an 11# picnic for a Q I am hosting this weekend.  My question to the forum is whether to trim the skin off - leaving the fat - or leave the skin on.  fyi... I usually apply a rub 2 days out and then inject it the night before.

I have done a bunch in the past where I have trimmed the skin; however, the butcher usually always tries to talk me out of it.  

And if you suggest leaving the skin on, how do you usually prepare it?  My first inclination is to score it and get the rub in the crevices.  And then after smoking, shred the pork with the skin on and mix it in with the meat.

I'd remove the skin and score the fat into the lean and smoke it that way; smoked skin is like leather and hard and not good in a shredded sandwich. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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